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  1. Well guy's, Thanks for all of your responses and personal messages. I was actually surprised by some of the responses, they negativity is brutal really. I certainly will take it all under advisement, but I think its just inspired me to succeed even further. For the guys who messaged me personally and for the positive post's, I want to say thank you. I will keep you all posted. BTW, what's the consensus on the best school to take my training with? Thank again everyone. Michael
  2. Hi there, I have re-posted my questions here as opposed to the "Employment section of the forum. I hope this is now the right place to post these questions? I am a 42 year old male, living in Ontario Canada, I have a wife and two kids I recently sold my business of ten years and have been thinking about a second career. I currently have about 200 hours of fixed wing flying and have been thinking about obtaining my commercial helicopter rating. I am in a position in life where I could do all my training in turbines, what I was really wondering was at age 42/43 and a newly rated
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