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  1. Long post... This may be a little late but my experience with ANR in helmet has been successful but with cavets. I have ANR installed in my SPH5. I have had over 2,000 hours flying with ANR in R44, JetRanger and Astar. I installed the unit from Headsets Inc. and it worked great. In the 44 it was brilliant. I could fly for 8 hours a day and noticed that the fatigue was significantly reduced. When I first starting flying it in JetRanger I couldn't believe how quiet it was. Couldn't turn down the intercom low enough. I had an inline drop cord/volume control installed because my clients intercom volume was just too loud. But ANR in the JetRanger was good but not as good as the 44. Flight in the Astar was mixed. As mentioned in a prior post when my client would open the sliding window the concusion in my headset was extreme. It would feel like someone was beating on my helmet. Switch to today. I purchased a new Gallet last year and decided that I would try CEP to reduce the noise problems in the Astar. Unfortuantely it has not been nearly as good for me as the ANR had been. Yes many different heads equals many differences. I seem to get a resonance from the CEP custom molded system. The foam CEP (?) is better but not comfortable. To be honest both CEP systems are not comfortable for me. Also with the CEP there is another cable attached to the headset that is a bit of a bear when doing a quick in and out for slinging or client conversation or helping the medics. I'm finding I just keep the lid on as it is a buggaboo to put the ear plugs back in/on. And I'm afraid that when I take the helmet off the CEP's will fall out of my ears that they will fall onto the ground at night and lost forever. I'm talking with TP where I purchased this helmet and asked about installing ANR. They have suggested Headset Inc ANR but I'm wanting to get the best in this my last helmet. I'm looking at ANR Bose A20. They responded to my question about the buffeting of the Astar window situation that the SPH 5 has "suspended" (?) ear cups which are subject to this buffeting. The Gallet is a "stiff" install and will not have the same buffeting. Does anyone have any input on this buffeting syndrome? With the Headset Inc install I had the unit catastrophically fail in one ear while long lining in 2011 in an Astar. It was INCREDIBLE. High pitch squeeling unitl I hit the battery kill switch. At first I thought that it might have been a T/R bearing screaming in pain (tailbooms were having issues at the time) or a compressor bearing leaving its home. Very distracting as you could imagine. Replaced both earcups shortly afterwards. So for me I'm looking at the Bose A20 and if anyone has any insight into this unit in a Gallet. Also any info on TP providing this unit in a self install package. Been great reading all of these posts and the sincere input. Safe flying...
  2. For all those in the industry who may not have heard. Our dear friend Doug Christie passed away on March 15, 2015. Doug worked at AES with me and many others. He then went on to the MNR in Ontario, National and Helijet. Doug will be mostly remembered, by me, for his infectious desire to enjoy life to the fullest. He was a great artist, photographer, guitarist and pilot. His appreciation for the natural beauty around him was renowned. He will be sorely missed. God speed Doug. Rob
  3. Ah, Opsmobil..... What a sad state of affairs this has become. A once vibrant and great place to work "Airborne" is a tragic shell of its former self. There are derelict helicopters hidden between hangars. Phone calls not answered (just call their main line). Managers who's phones don't work because the phone bill hasn't been paid. Vendors who only allow COD. It has become embarrassing to approach Executive Flight (at any airport) for fuel as they quizzically ask you if you understand that Ops Mobil's account is no good and do you have a "good" credit card to use. At one point this year management decided not to pay expenses. Personally I had $8k outstanding alone. No longer do I use my credit card for company fuel/hotels etc. Nor do my compatriots. All the good people have been driven out by management's arrogant and ignorant ways. The rest of us, like drone bees, hope for a warm fall and wish for days past. A tragic end to a once great place to work. All the best to my co workers and remember to do a double DI before lifting off. To the rest, approach with caution. Fly Safe.
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