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  1. Condolences to all the family, friends and co-workers.....sad times.
  2. Hey Daz, the hour min requirements depend on several things: the client, type of aircraft, type of flying, training programs, additional equipment installed (FDM by example) as well as a few others. For the most part if you want the hour mins reduced show the client how you will mitigate the risk of putting in a lower time pilot. Good to see you're flying!
  3. So what exactly is wrong with these rates? 1910.00 dry for a AS350B2?? Maury and 2007 what kind of rates are your company(s) getting for your aircraft compared to SRD's rates? Perhaps HAC's not doing anything about because no one is complaining about the rates SRD is paying!! You also want to know the best part.......you DO NOT HAVE TO FLY FOR THESE RATES!!! That's right you have every right to REFUSE to fly for SRD! But I'm sure you know that and have already made that decision, right?
  4. Congrats to the new owners, wish you all the best and success. Todd
  5. Why can't the potential student do this research as well? They can google helicopter operators and get this information directly from the industry they want to join. Schools are there to teach and train to those that want their licence, the ones that try to help their students find employment do so as a added benefit. There are jobs for entry level pilots and the ones that put both the time and effort into it will get these jobs. The ones that sit back and wait for someone to bring the job to them or aren't willing to put some effort into it well they will end up a statistic that doesn't get w
  6. Very sad news, condolences to all at Gemini and to all family and friends affected by this tragedy. Todd
  7. Sincere condolences to Linda, family and friends. Wayne was a top notch guy our industry has experienced a great loss..
  8. Should they go with whats proposed two crew enviroment would be the only way you could maintain a majority of the long term work fires, drills, seismic, survey etc....
  9. First I'd like to say that I to think that it's BS that the families are sueing but for some time now I have been putting it across to my pilots that whatever decision they make they should ask themselves that if they were in a courtroom and a lawyer asked them "Why they did what they did? You better have an answer that is backed by rules, regs and policies because if it isn't it's your azz on the line. How many pilots here had a passenger(s) show up for a flight in -30C weather with dress shoes, dress pants and a light winter coat to go flying? Did you allow them to get on your aircraft lik
  10. Deepest condolences to all the family, friends and co-workers....a great loss to all.
  11. Deepest sympathy and condolences to all affected by this....very sad!
  12. Thoughts are with you Wayne,family and friends.....fight that ugly cancer with everything you got! My uncle was given a short time frame and that was close to ten years ago and he is still with us. Never give up my friend!
  13. A sad day....condolences to all affected by this!
  14. Thats what I thought......nothing!
  15. Show me where I say HAC is the end all be all? My question is to you specifically as to what have YOU done to help or improve any of the concerns you have brought forth? Why should I answer your negative comments? I'm simply saying people like you come on to the forums spout off a bunch of negative comments about whatever then walk away.... So I am asking agin AR what have you done to improve the rates in the industry? What have you done to bring flying/training/accountability to a higher standard in the industry? What have you done to deal with the issues from insurance companies and cons
  16. The useless discussion started when you came on and made a bunch of negative comments on a organization then when you are confronted with how exactly are YOU making things better all of a sudden its a "Johnson measuring contest" and its not about you! Blah blah blah....
  17. Enlighten us then, lets hear about the great things you have done! You have no problem expressing what others are not capable of.....go ahead.
  18. So AR why don't you take all your wisdom and knowledge and step up as the President of HEPAC and fix this industry???? You obviously know how as you clearly can fault the organizations that are "on a race to the bottom", so obviously you know "the fix". The old saying "step up or shut up"!
  19. A pilot that worked for me lost his licence and it "included" no flying.....that was in Alberta.
  20. So you are saying for 200.00 per hour you get an instructor with a jetranger (because thats what we are discussing here if you were following the conversation) for 50 hours and end up with a certified mountain course for a mere 10,000.00? Please post the name of the company and the contact # so we can send some pilots there for mountain courses!!!! A heck of a deal with our dollar being what it is.
  21. Where do you get that they are working for free???? Sounds to me that if you want to work there and you don't have turbine time and/or a mountain course then you pay for it and go to work for a wage.....
  22. Well Kilomike I believe the Presidents position for HEPAC is open....why don't you take it and get all these "low timers" some jobs. Add to the solution instead of b1tching about the problem!
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