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  1. Challenge Of Changing Cultural Thinking Toward Synthetic Training For Crewmen. When, in 2007, we received our first Crewman Sims into The Australian Army Aviation Centre, we were faced with a number of challeges. Firstly, we had to educate ourselves on the use of the new systems given to us. Essentially, Army said here's your sims, away you go. With use and exposure to the new technology, we were able to determine what elements of our crewman training could be taught and practiced in this new environment. Additionally, we identified that we needed credibility for our system if we were to
  2. I flew as an Aircrewman in the Australian Army Aviation Corps for 17 years.(Huey and Blackhawk) My experiences were mixed, particularly in the context of funding training for crewmen v funding for pilot training. A typical example of this was when we (pilots and crewmen) were told that we were entitled to a minimum number of hours annually for individual Skills Development (SD) sorties. For the crewmen it was MEANT to be 8 hours a year. For those of you who are crewmen, you can guess how many of us were actually able to use those hours....ZIP. I actually only ever had one 2 hour SD sortie p
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