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  1. I could be mistaken but I believe a temporary weight and balance is a provision in Car's for an item to be repaired or to facilitate a repair.
  2. I'm still hoping for some input regarding Athabasca or Yellowhead. I'm not new to the game, just don't know anyone who has been an AME with them. Thanks to anyone, Hellifixer.
  3. Hello all, I noticed an ad out from Yellowhead Helicopters looking for a base engineer in Athabasca AB. I was considering submitting a resume but was looking for constructive opinions about the company itself, the Athabasca operation and about Athabasca AB itself. (ie: people, geography, local attractions/events, anything you wish to share really) I've heard good things about Yellowhead but any info from past or present employees would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, Hellifixer
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