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  1. Sorry OT , you are right! I retract my statements on everything not concerning piloting ability! Respectfully yours L.E
  2. Guy Smith ? Good thing he made it into management cause he couldn't land an ASTAR from the left seat if his life depended on it! Former PPC holder- Guy Smith!
  3. Firechicken!, I couldn't agree with you more! But more has to be done so that all pilots especially the up and comers get a better briefing on where such vital information can be found.How to access etc. A list or information sheet. Vortex is good but what about pointing in direction electronic data base that has all cumulative listings or searchable?? LE
  4. I have some information from some sources that there are some big changes happening with CHC. Maybe just rumour but Allard and the Coast to Coast group may be taking over. Big shuffles and new appointments at the executive leve as well....... OHMYGOD!!
  5. Sisyphus This sound like bickering over nickles and dimes? Everywhere I have worked what is billed is different depending on the contract or Province. My .2 sense.
  6. Is there a realation to Benoit Allard of the Coast to Coast thing? Or are the names just similar? CHC Appoints New CEO VANCOUVER, Nov. 9 /CNW/ - Craig L. Dobbin, O.C., Chairman of CHC Helicopter Corporation ("CHC") (TSX: FLY.A and FLY.B; NYSE: FLI) is pleased to announce the appointment of Sylvain Allard as the Company's Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Allard will replace Mr. Dobbin as Chief Executive Officer, effective today. Mr. Dobbin will assume a new role as Executive Chairman, and will remain closely associated with the affairs of the company. Mr. Dobbin sa
  7. I wonder How TC would classify that one =Double D class load!!!? Formation slinging? I'd like to see' em do some tandom heli logging! two smaller machines twice the load??. **** with 2 206 B's you could probably start thinking about picking up a half decent size tree!!! HA HA HA I can just imagine calling up TC and trying to explain how this thing was going to go off?? Ah Sir......well you see its like this...... I wanna talk to the operator who's insurance says this tandom external deal load is OK??, who was the operator? any body notice the REG #?
  8. Ok, anybody want to explian why this thing doesn't burn up on re-entry? 10,000,000 shot and the ride down must be interesting!
  9. Ryan The Cars, that I use is the one on CD Rom.They are comming out with yet another more friendly version I am told very shortly and includes update CD's. Avialable as a subscription, a good thing to have in the arsenal. I think its about 99 bucks, and is also on the net, but you will find that most bush camps and other locations are usally short on the internet access. You pop it into the laptop and voila! It alsom has a key word search function. L.E
  10. Wow! Did anybody else see that re-entry from 68 Kms up, on news last night! No computer flying that puppy! Now there's a Job! I know its a little off topic and things don't spin, but dam was that impressive! It happend a month ago, but CBC covered it last night- very cool! link to the company http://www.scaled.com/
  11. CM Good job on the link, however i don't think TSB will read past the 1 st page, it would be the first time in history that our direct input would have a direct influence to assure that things change of the good of the community. My hunch is that the insurance companies and like minded operators would have the balance of input on this matter. Never the less it's worth a try. Your recent photo bears a great resemblance to my late uncle Bernie (photo attached), he is a bit of a family legend, and has been seen on occaison in the Prince Rupert area but not for some time now.. Damm I hop
  12. OT Thanks for clearing that up! I whole-heartedly believe that there should also be some form of additional guidance for new pilots on where such vital information is located. I was lucky I had a fantastic MOT inspector who really went above and beyond in his duties to make sure that the new entrants where informed and at least knew where to look for precious info. Something like a resource sheet would probably do the trick and provide the extra guidance. I guess I get a little upset when they cut back on sensibility, have seen to many friends bite the bullet, this recent 212 ac
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