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  1. Or get an responsibility insurance, as I did when I was working with private heli owner, the cost represent 15-20$ per day, and the coverage will be enough, or get the AMO to add your cie and it's employee under their own insurance. There a couple of insurance broker that will find you a good package, that will even cover you if you cause a fire and burn down a whole hanger with a cpl of aircraft in it. As you said, as long as the mud stick on the wall ... Thanks guy's for your interest in this topic, it might help to determined the daily cost so you are charging your customer accordingly.
  2. The problem is the fact that you have being involved in the maintenance, that you endorse all other work that have being c/o before, and that your name is the last on the maintenance release. Even if you did everything IAW, they will try to get you responsible, and where are you going to find the 25 000$ in lawyer fee to defend yourself ,,, That is why a liability insurance come handy, as they will settle out court for the amount of the coverage.
  3. That was my understanding before, but as the lawyer told me, the ACA, AMO and other aeronautical consideration don't have any power under a civil lawsuit, as the Civil Code is a provincial jurisdiction and even if you did everything IAW, you could be liable as being involved in the aircraft maintenance. I'm just letting other AME know about the risk, and unless the AMO is covering your company under it's own insurance, you might get some surprises in a civil lawsuit. The devil is in the details ... Most of the cases that where in court, the AMO insurance company was the pursuant, not the victims/injured lawyer.
  4. Hi, I'm working as a contractor under an federal incorporation, for an operator who endorse me with an ACA. I was wondering what will happen in a civil lawsuit against my maintenance action, do the AMO will defend me ? Do I need to have my own liability insurance ? Here the answer I got from an lawyer, specialized in aviation: '' In the case of a company invoicing services for another company, there is no actual coverage for civil liability. Each entity is supposed to get their own coverage, as we are pursuing under the civil court. The problem lied whit the AMO insurance company, witch only covers the AMO employee as defined in their insurance policy definition. The only way to get covered, is the AMO insurance policy amendment to include the XXXXX Canada inc and it's employee in their coverage. '' As I spoke with somes people before, the idea of being an ACA holder under an AMO was supposedly getting us some coverage in case of a lawsuit. The Aeronautical Act, under witch the CAR's are regulated, doesn't have any power in a civil lawsuit, the civil court is a provincial entity. So in conclusion, I strongly suggest that if you are a independent AME contractor, you should get a liability insurance, covering for light helicopter around 5 000 000$, for a 3500-4000$ per year premium. In case of medium and heavy, the coverage should be around 10-15 millions, considering 1 millons per pax. These coverage will be a guaranty that you don't loose your house, car and everything else in case of an accident that you might not even being responsible after the BST conclusion.
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