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  1. Hey Heli Havok.....read what people are saying on this thread...especially Mike Hunt and Scully...re read Scullys posts...sit back and dont dismiss what the man is saying...I for one learned a bunch from him...and ya he knows what he is talking about..cause he's trained fellas like yourself for years who want a quick tip or the quick and easy answer...well moutain flying isn't like that..and throw(sp?) on a longline...well you better be thinking several steps ahead instead of at arriving at the "spot" and finding out...oh s#$t this is not the place to be!!! Part of learning is to recognize the
  2. I came across this obscure directive a little while ago digging for some answer for a recurrent question...i got poking around in CAR's ....it turns out (if i interpreted it correctly) you can loose your pilot's licence if child support is not being properly "taken care of". It details how to handle a "potential difficult" file that will object to this action. I AM NOT SAY'N ITS ALRIGHT NOT TO PAY!! I just found it rather chilling there is this procedure in place. LTE
  3. Merry xmas to all and a safe year ahead....and for those no longer with us, a toast to you on a day filled with hope and happiness!!.....too funny deuce... sean
  4. Hello fellow aviators, As someone who is at "ground zero" to this enormous tragedy...your good wishes and kind words have helped. In these times of conflicting information and sometimes lack of information reported by the press, it is soooo important to wait for the facts. As written so well by HV... who was the person who gave me my first flying job and start in the industry, it means alot to read that well written take on the situation....thanks HV.....I hope no one has to ever be a part of something so horrible...but please know as an aviation community, everything possible is being do
  5. Hey Scully, Thanks for the mental image of you screaming down the line at your hook,wearing out your mic....I can picture exactly what you would look and sound like........cost of admission..................priceless!!! LTE
  6. Hey EC 130 email coming at you..............Hey Gary good thing the pilot had socks on that day! And for the record a few more steps on top of what Gary mentioned but a very quick start/shut down after first start of the day. Fly safe LTE
  7. Ya I never fly without my Sens jammies on as a general rule.......It's not how you fly it's how you look! Lte
  8. Hi, Just my two cents worth.....but like others have said....I perfer the dark closest to my face(inner) buta co-worker of mine has it the opposite citing ventilation issues...so it's personal preference.....but the actuation of the inner lens is very easy with a simple knob on either side of said helmet.... I can only speak for myself but the yellow or amber lens has been very helpful in low,flat light situations and reduced vis. ops........meritt apparel out of miami is really the best spot as per many pilots i work with and a pleasure doing business w/. Fly safe Lte
  9. 3BX2 could you explain " #1 coughs...rotor slows..big thud..." just wondering if you are referring to the 135 and the performance that #2 puts out? Neat looking machine, just a little confused if one stove is better than the other? Any insight you may add would be much appreciated. Lte
  10. I've watched this video countless number of times over the past couple months cause it's an aircraft of interest for me.........I keep coming back to the same reaction i get........this pilot should have stayed in bed that day and called in sick......the end of the video is the most telling w/ said individual landing w/ said fenestron uphill and having #2 hopping out and doing his "seating" check for him........priceless.....would make for interesting discussion at a PDM refresher...... okay back to the corner for me. :shock: LTE
  11. well put hazzy.............also staying "quiet" on the cyclic certainly helps as well LTE
  12. Wow Harmonic Vibe, I can't believe you still have money left over after that recent wedding/trip you took..........Oh by the way congrats to both of you!!!!!!!!!!! A toast from my hotel room!!!!!!!!! Hicup,hicup....... Sincerely, Flpr
  13. T tail, I've had back problems in the past as well, especially in the Jet Box. I was shown this stadium seating back a few years ago. It's a product that crapy tire sells(did last summer) and it's basically for sitting in bleachers and with a little tweeking it works great. I remove the back portion of the seat cushion from the a/c (stow with a/c in case you have a machine swap) and install said personal cushion and enjoy the benefits of comfort and improved visibility of the dash. I'm a little taller so with a Eurocopter back pad I'm to far forward and for longlining with the factory ba
  14. I took Jammed Lefts advice in regards to the Florida connection (Merrit Apparel) a few months ago, the service was great and No hasels what so ever.....it's nice dealing with an individual (Rob) who know his product. And back to the topic...........don't leave home without it, cause you'll only need it once! LTE
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