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  1. My guess is that if you can get the work done some things will be overlooked. Some adherence to international air law will be needed of course, but as was mentioned earlier, there is a war going on.
  2. Hmmm. After watching the flick, it seems as tho it is all a huge coverup. However, I feel as though I am being manipulated into being a conspiracy theorist. All the music (spooky conspiracy, x-files type music) and camera angles of the photos are designed to minimilize impact/burn damage, and create doubt and to look for the alien intervention possibilities. It is possible that it is all a massive cover-up. They went around and erased everybodies' memories of the event (think "Men in Black") in order to coverup....what? What are they trying to hide? There were crap loads of people there, and the only doubts about a plane hitting the Pentagon are from hard-core conspiracy theorists. Now I could be wrong, (this is me hedging my bets) but it seems as tho the news I get from "mainstream" media is ok in this event. Better and more accurate than a revamped video with special lighting and effects...
  3. Well the summer is over, and everyone that bought a helmet that was a tad tight can now voice ther opinions. Question: if someone gave you the cash, what kind of helmet would you get to replace the one you have? And why...
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