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  1. It’s a new aircraft, obviously they aren’t going to have many hours on type. Seaking pilots transitioned to the cyclone, how else are you going to implement a new aircraft? Some of the comments are disappointing to hear from experienced flyers. Casually remarking buzzing the tower as a possible cause and conspiracy under tones, really? I’ll wait for the report and then make my judgments, I do hope there will be lessons learned so things like this can be avoided in the future. RIP crew and condolences to family and friends.
  2. Just to add and update to what some of Crusty said with respect to military piloting. Initial enrollment requires you to agree to 10 years post wings so quite a commitment. Degrees are still required to be a pilot in the CAF, if you don’t have one they’ll pay for it but then you owe more time. I assume Crusty flew in a different community then I do because in the Tactical Aviation community we rarely fly real IFR due to the limitations of the Bell 412. No lack of bad weather flying opportunities (I don’t consider this a good thing though). Definitely requires creativity and thinking
  3. Did the kamloops air ambulance ever fly ifr with patients anyway? I thought they had restrictions and that they didn't fly nights or ifr unless it was positioning without patients.
  4. What companies have IFR work out west anyway?
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