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  1. Just to add and update to what some of Crusty said with respect to military piloting. Initial enrollment requires you to agree to 10 years post wings so quite a commitment. Degrees are still required to be a pilot in the CAF, if you don’t have one they’ll pay for it but then you owe more time. I assume Crusty flew in a different community then I do because in the Tactical Aviation community we rarely fly real IFR due to the limitations of the Bell 412. No lack of bad weather flying opportunities (I don’t consider this a good thing though). Definitely requires creativity and thinking outside of the box too I agree that we fly less and our skills don’t necessarily translate to the vfr world though. IFR, offshore and fixed-wing airlines are probably a better fit in civilian flying transitions. I’ve found that flying variety, different work opportunities and deployments are the advantages. As a family man now sometimes I can’t help but think and laugh how airlines would have been so much easier. Not advocating for it though, probably even more boring than I imagine. Good luck.
  2. Did the kamloops air ambulance ever fly ifr with patients anyway? I thought they had restrictions and that they didn't fly nights or ifr unless it was positioning without patients.
  3. What companies have IFR work out west anyway?
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