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  1. Not sure where you live, but I opted for the prep course at chinook. It’s not a whole lot more then at set of culhane guides.
  2. You can try helijobs.net as well.
  3. I had a good experience there, but just like any school it’s more about the instructor you have.
  4. If you scroll to the bottom there is a good chart of the major changes.
  5. Earplugs would normally only be used with a passive headset.
  6. I have a lightspeed headset and love it. You still hear enough to have indications if something sounds a little off, but it removes the whine of the transmission.
  7. I use a Gallet 250 with nvg. It’s a bit of a pain. Without the goggles it’s great. I would give the the alpha eagle a chance. I love the floating ear cups.
  8. I was very fortunate. I started with a ramp job in Vancouver. Paid for my night and ifr ratings and eventually got a shot at the flying job, but with the slow down in the off shore world it will be hard for a low timer to get going at the moment. It's still a valid option, but you will have to pay for additional training.
  9. I would contact an fsdo. When I converted my Canadian license it was just some paperwork. Not exams.
  10. Try chinook in abbotsford. I know they have it as part of there ground school.
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