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  1. You don't get a tax break if you have to buy your own tools as part of your profession over here do you?
  2. Only Multimeter I'd touch is a fluke. Like Snap on, you pays but you get a good quality bit of kit. Still needing to get me my pliers. Cheers for the bump, just reminded me, must go look for some.
  3. Is it not a legal requirement to have calibrations of equipment done externally? Spent $600 of my companies money having 3 pieces of equipment calibrated. As for tools, when I signed up with BA, we were issued a 3 drawer tool chest that had, spanners (Wrencehs to you North Americans), screwdrivers, wire twisting pliers and a snap on ratcheting screwdriver plus some other stuff. All of which had to be returned upon leaving or finishing the training. Most of the the guys I worked with started stocking up on Snap On but I was never a huge fan (although do own the ratchet screwdriver). Now I have to buy a full set of field service tools to fill up my suburbam, it's costing me an arm and a leg. Quite like Bahco Tools (Division of Snap On, bought by them in 99), used them since my apprentice days and find the, tough and comfortable to use.
  4. Check out http://www.tc.gc.ca/air/menu.htm (Their equivalent to the CAA) Pretty helpful with any questions you have (I was trying to get my UK JAA stuff converted earlier this year). As for your time on Aircraft you'd have to get clarification from them but they were prepared to count my time on G- Aircraft (All be it Civil so might be different for Millitary stuff). If you've any more questions feel free to ask.
  5. I'm in the same boat working on some pretty remote (and nasty) drilling sites in Northern AB. As the others have said, try to find something constructive to do, the photo journal seems good bearing in mind some of the places 've visited are pretty remote and the surrounding area beautiful (If only the Motels I stayed in were as nice!). Looks like my up and coming 2 week trip to Cold Lake will involve a lot of photography when I get some time off work!
  6. I know back home when I worked in the airlines, many of the maintenance guys were leaving the business to become plumbers/electricians etc as the money was better in those jobs and didn't come with the B/S associated as well as the work required to obtain/keep the licence current. Dunno if that's the case here, maybe a lot of guys heading to Fort MacMurray for bigger bucks? That said, I never saw many jobs advertised for AME's over here when I first landed. More a case of Who you know instead of what you know?
  7. End of the day Vince, You could try it and if you don't like it, do something else and at least you tried, or you could not do anything and always wonder. You seem to haveyour mind made up and I wish you all the best in whatever you decide to do. Just research it all and try and keep your options open. There are a lot of companies that take guys with aerospace experience because Typically their work tends to be of a high standard (from what I've seen!).
  8. I'd go with Skudkid on this. I tried Aviation after qualifying in Industrial Controls and didn't like it, for the lack of respect we got regardless of the work required to get licensed. Luckily the skills I gained got me a job working on Industrial Gas Turbines and so far I'm enjoying it. Granted you work for that too, spending a lot of time away from home, but you get paid well. So, if you have an interest in aviation, concentrate on the Turbine aspect, at least that way you ve other industries to jump to.
  9. Most of the Middle East flights leave from T3 (except BA) so that'll probably be why they hover around T3. Saw one armed cop buying soap from Lush for his missus still sporting the rifle. I dread to think what he'd had done if he wasn't happy with the service
  10. Got stopped in Stavanger (Norway) a couple of years ago travelling from Heathrow. After he found out I worked at Heathrow he started talking about the TV show they made about the place. It was only when I came to leave (He'd decided not to search my bags) he then asked if I had any drugs in my bag. Heathrow tends to be most heavily armed early evening when Elal are checking in at T1. I've counted dozens of Armed Police in a smal area then when usually you see 2/4 in the full terminal any other time of the day
  11. As for job seeker sites geared towards aviation work, I found monster and workopolis advertised some AME jobs. I also went to the Transport Canada Aviation website and did a search for all FBO and AMO's then googled them to find the respective websites, and emailed the companies. Didn't have too much luck though, but in the end I'm British. You might want to speak to them too about converting your licence. That said, I just received an email from Diamond AIrcraft in London Ontario, asking to go and speak to them (I'm avionics biased) so there are things out there for non canadians.
  12. Cheers or the offer. Not out there till the 24th but if you still have them by then, then I might take you up on the offer.
  13. I'm not that bothered with snap on. I've got a ratchet driver of theirs which is good. They bought a Swedish Company called Bahco a few years ago which I've used since I was an apprentice. Quality is just as good but you don't pay the price. They have the pliers in their UK calatogue but the North American one doesn't show them Just made me wonder if there was another method to doing Lock Wire in North America. Excuse my ignorance Cheers guys.
  14. Toronto or Edmonton. I gues about $60/$70 Also, where can I buy Bahco tools in those areas? Swore by them back home and now need to buy more
  15. Where can I get Wire Twisting Pliers? Am having trouble trying to locate a set over here and my only other option seems to be to ship some over from the UK.
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