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  1. Buy. Hold. Prosper.

  2. What's that I see on the horizon? Set sail, but blown off course.

  3. Nice pic Stevo.... :) Nook

  4. I am better for having known Blake. I found out about his passing 2 hours after getting engaged for perhaps the most emotional day of my life. To say Blake hated to fly was an understatement. His understanding of machines that chew air like they hate it while seeming to defy of the laws of physics played into that, but so do the close calls I'm sure he had. He definately did not like it when you tucked the nose coming out of a a hover power check, but he couldn't have been cooler or more professional in dealing with.....uh....the pilot. Everyone who knew Blake would agree with Corey's post-the knowledge,the patience, the professionalism and the ability to make everyone around him better. After travelling back from camp with him and telling him off-hand about a rattle in my front wheel that I was quoted 1600 dollars to get fixed, Blake laid down in the mud and puddles to have a look for himself while I kicked the tire until my toes were sore so he could isolate the rattle. I kicked that tire so many times that the right side of his face wore all the water and dirt from my now clean boot. All for a guy he hardley knew after 14 hours of work. THAT is the kind of guy Blake was! When I came back from time off I left a cube of Kokanee on his chair with a note that said "wakey wakey eggs and Blakey, thanks for saving me 1600 bucks." Later I would find out that he was off shift and his beers ended up in the "rotating apprentice" fridge/locker-which I probably drank anyways, so thanks again Blake. You never got the impression that you were bothering Blake. He ALWAYS took the time to explain things to you no matter how stupid the question was (and thinking back there were a couple I am embarrased not to have known). Blake, I learned a lot from you- not just about aircraft and real estate, but about professionalism and how to be a better man. May who you were be reflected in the rest of us, and your impact echo in eternity. Steve Mardis
  5. E-mailing a resume is better than nothing. Phoning is better than e-mailing. Visiting a base manager/ops manager/cheif pilot is better still but if you REALLY want to get hired MOVE to a helicopter hot spot like Fort Mac, Fort Nelson, FSJ. Move even if you have to get a different job at first. Target a town with multiple helicopter companies (preferably busy ones) and just BE there. Kiss some hands and shake some babies, learn the location and BE there. Make the rounds once a week and something will come up-just not between October and January. Push your chips in and make it happen. Bet on yourself. Too many half hearted efforts from major metropolis centers. Helicopters excel in remote areas and pilots need to be in those areas as well until they have the juice to leave them. The first thousand may be the toughest, but the 2nd hundred is DEFINATELY the hardest hurdle-and you have that! Good luck.
  6. A degree in geography would be symbiotic, not just for the map reading and navigation implications but also for the geomorpholic understanding of how the terrain was scraped and fractured into being. Then again, why get a bachelor's degree when you can pick up all the understanding you will ever need from career professionals like Geologists and Forest Engineers who you fly around-many of whom have their masters and doctorates. If you want my advice, skip the highter learning and make sure you are handy. A degree might help your analitical thinking, but A trade will go farther in keeping a pilot employed. For those with ambition to own or manage a buisness degree would be benificial (and far beyond most of our bosses accredations). Good luck to you.
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