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  1. Presently crewing CGRGY Previously flew it with the -11 engine and it was a good ride at that time...A few years ago Skyline in Lively installed a -13 and fast fin transforming it into an amazing ride and a real pleasure to fly
  2. TREE TOP has an excellent post that is very applicable to the current times in this industry in the employment section. Unfortunitely you cannot reply in that section so I'm reactivating it in this section to see what the opinions of others may be..I believe the situation he is describing is more common in this industry in the current times than any of us wish to admit.. My situation is such that I had a secondary career throughout my main flying years so was fortunate enough to be able to ride out difficult times like now.But I certainly feel for the pilots and engineers presently in the i
  3. This is a very delicate question to ask on an open forum!! I ve worked for them in the past and like any company some good and some bad I will venture to say they have excellent equipment....you never have to worry about getting paid...if the OWNER gives u his word on something then its as good as a written agreement If ur a hard worker I,d say their generally good to work for but if ur more take than give and are a whiner then stay away as they have too many of those now!! Good Luck
  4. Try Pilot Jobs on Vertical Reference site
  5. Can I be so bold to inquire as to the medical issue
  6. In order to know whether the 139 is working out as advertised I think you'd have to have a copy of the original propaganda sheets I think a better question would be-- Is the 139 going to provide a better more cost effective service---Would a 76 c++ been a better aircraft to continue the service in Ontario I understand crew training costs are going to run close to 10 million dollars... speed improvments are minimal, maintenance costs are going to be very high due to the need to get into the higher gross weights, increased range is questionable because of the high gross weights,,etc. etc
  7. Duece You seem to be somewhat like me..mind of a 16 year old...body somewhee between 16 and 60...can't wait til I reach 21 and grow up...lots of mistakes...but I know one thing...when I grow up I want to be a real hlicopter pilot...hopefully another 20 years to reach maturty.
  8. When I started in the industry I remember being asked by the CFI if I liked camping to which I responded in the affirmative Little did I know!! My daughter in law went through medical school and although it was expensive she had researched it extensively and there were no suprises I would like to hold the aviation schools responsible for the current crunch that low time pilots find themselves in but I cannot...If the student does his/her research then they know the status of the industry they are entering...tough times...everywhere Would I do it again/was it worth it?...absolutely
  9. Thank God for the 204...By the time we get everything loaded even the Alberta field mouse dosen't get a free ride to Manitoba
  10. AMAZING! We're all professional pilots and there several answers to a simple question Human\ factor and more trainng required...I don't fly the 350 but I'm ashamed to say I am checked out on it and in all honesty can't answer the question for sure !! More training required??!!
  11. I know Twinstar closed the thread on the B.C. tradgedy but I'd be remiss if I didn't voice my admiration for a difficult job well done and of coarse a little advice. Any exposure to tradgedies such as this will imprint memories in the old brain some of them at times bothersome. I've found that there are two solutions to the not so pleasant memories. Time or Talk Time will eventually work out negative images and experiences although it may be years before negative memories occur! Talk-Talk to your wife,girlfriend,mother,father,pastor,chief pilot ,boss, engineer,or proffessionl. Som
  12. Removing the bodies of 13 drowniing victims, 11 of them under 16, after a tragic canoeing accident back in the 80's. I was with a police force at the time and counselling was a thing of future! I've come to terms with it now but I must admit it that it remained in my thoughts for years and tradgedies such as the recent avalanche in B.C. refresh painful memories. Fly Safe!
  13. The good old rumour mill is alive and well! From my experience working at Remote for a fw years I believe the Canadian banking system is more likely to collapse before you'll see Remote go under!! The late owner(Bill Lukin) was as smart a man as you'll see in the industry and I'm sure left the Company as solid as most companies would like to be!! My 2 cents for what it's worth
  14. With the use of my superior computer skills it looks like I lost my response will type out again later dah!!
  15. The courts have now spoken and dispatched its penalty for this act of sportsmanship. I believe it is now time for the honourable Mr Jenner to step aside as the leader of the H.A.C. [removed by mod] I,d be very curious if I ,while working for any H.A.C. member operator,were involved in a similar event, how long would I be in their employ Commets?
  16. Have they named a successor as yet! Really seems difficult to get anything other than T-shirt logo's out of this post!
  17. Jetbox If I have anything to negotiate I want to hire you as my spokesperson... Obviously the other side will be to frightened to say any thing! or maybe its as you say Just crap!!?? LL
  18. Ryan I believe your right but I need the data to use in conjunction with a ptresentation on Tuesday of next week Not a lot of time unfortunately thks LL
  19. Not to bright when it comes to most things ,coputers included so I'll ask the masses for help Want to gather a list of ALL operators in Canada grouped by Province. Would also like to identify all the equipment they operate including leases Any idea of a web site or multiple sites where I might gather the info Thanks for your help LL
  20. NOOO TIME to post whilst the fire season is in gear!!!!
  21. Rumor has it that the OPP are advertising for a full time Engineer Position is or will be listed in the Ont govt site and also in the Gov't publication Pay is roughly 51K topping out around 63k plus the usual Gov't benefits I understand the job ad closes around May 12 or 13th For those who don't mind working for Gov't it would be a great job! If interested keep in mind the tight timeline..
  22. Seven fires were reported this week in the Ont west fire region (Marathon west) All areas of Ont are reporting very dry conditions for this time of year with the central and northeastern parts of the Province seeing soom fire activity and burning restrictions or bans in some areas Another week of warm temps and the moderate south winds we have been experiencing is going to put the fire indicies in the high to extreme in some areas of the Province unless of course we get some signifigant rain Could be an early start to a very busy fire season!
  23. Could anyone recommend a complete study package to prepare for the ATPL exam? Also need the TC site to get into the requirements for the licence. TKS LL
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