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  1. Thanks for the link change1211, that was an eye-opening read. I think I'll stick to good 'ol homegrown Canadian. Now that I've read that, the extra money seems well worth it's weight in gold for the proper intruction. To everyone else, I appologize for resurecting a touchy subject.
  2. The instructor told me that they have a TC flight examiner that would allow me to challenge the canadian flight test when I am finished on the 300cbi that they operate in CYBW. There are definitely a few hoops to jump through, but he outlined the whole process. I`m wondering if I should just bite the bullet and go out to Chinook or BC helicopters for a couple months. I really want to train on a 47 or a 300.
  3. Hi everbody, I`m a fixed wing CPL guy and I`m looking to do my rotory license and I was wondering if anyone here has trained with Red Eagle in springbank? I checked out all the schools in springbank(they all look great) and Red Eagle has the lowest prices by FAR. They are an american FAA school running in Canada which is apparently why the costs are so much lower. They have one 300 CBI and one instructor. I talked to him for a bit and went for a 30 minute discovery flight and he seemed to know what he was doing. Not that I know much about helicopters. Am I crazy to think about training h
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