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  1. Thanks, if I was smart enough to run computers, I'd make that App!
  2. Anyone one out there using an ¨Android¨ app for W&B calculation? I been looking for something similar to ibal but don't seem to be able to find anything worthy. Thanks.
  3. Hello all, since I now have a baby boy at home I came to realization that the "myth" that helicopter pilot are not insurable might hold more truth then i thought. As i found out, it is possible for a pilot to get insurance but at a cost!! And depending on the type of work, areas of operations and type of aircraft (single or twin engine) it could be more or less expensive. Also if you longline you can't get invalidity insurance??? Just wondering what guys with families have been doing? Does this sound about right? Any inputs or info would be appreciated. If you don't mind sharing some ball
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