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  1. Having been far from the country (Canada), off this planet and almost out of my mind for the last few years, I have stumbled into a little project and need some help with equipment acquisition. I need to find a supplier of cargo nets, slings, lanyards, swivels, hooks, chokers, endless loops, pumps, go-no go filters and housings, seismic bags and all of the other relative sundry items required for external load operations. I know from previous experience, Canadians are the very best in the world (head swells up) at external load work, and so I turn to the West, bow down in hommage, and await your prompt replies and suggestions as this is a fairly time sensitive project. Regards, DC
  2. So there you have it. I'd remembered Dean and Randy shortly after making the list, and could vividly see Ted's face, but not remember his name at all. As for the elusive 17th member I have been drawing a blank for on that for lot's more than a decade now (geez, and ta think I'm loosing my memory at only +- 30yo). It's good to hear that all of the "fledglings" appear to be alive, well and still relatively active in the industry, and it sure seems that it would be an organizational nightmare to get everybody around a table for a few jugs of drafts. I'd bet that the stories that would be told, fabricated, modified, abridged and lamented would more than fill a volume or two of "daring do" and "hero stuff". Well good on ya guys, here's to hoping that we all live to see the days when aviation gets dangerous (bla, bla, fish paste)....and sex gets safe again. Fly safe, go well. DC
  3. Mike Aldersey, Greg Flemming, Jim Feaver, Andre van Dre, Kevin Thorp, Dennis Willson, Alan Cram, Dave Fergeson, Jim Whatley, Brian Simms, Jeff Serpel, Frank Ori, Glenn Rochon and the other three names I can't remember, let alone trying to think of who the elusive 17th member of this club was. I'm one of the above. Let the games begin. DC
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