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  1. Now I'm really curious. In my career I have never observed anyone get out the logbook to make an entry before slinging a chainsaw to a faller or a dozen boxes of trees to the planters. I have never seen a chief pilot or ops manager remind a pilot to make his log entry for the door removal while hooking up the bambi bucket. I have never, ever, had someone stress to me the requirement to make a weight and balance amendment for a pilot door removal/re-install in the field. I don't recall ever seeing one of these entries in a log. Not ever. Have I been surrounded by anti-authority types and rule-b
  2. Well, I guess I stepped in it a bit on this topic. Got around to looking up the FM's too but this was the first time anyone told me not to take the door off without a log entry. I was aware of the basket and dual control entries. I was curious as it has definitely not been the practice at a few companies (that I'm familiar with, anyway). Good to see that this outfit is trying to keep their i's and t's in proper order. Thanks for the input everyone.
  3. Just received this from our head office: "We have recently been informed that a weight and balance addendum for flights with doors off is mandatory. Until the addendums are received and on board the aircraft, FLIGHTS WITH DOORS OFF ARE NOT PERMITTED. We will be making the Addendums up and will forward them to you promptly. Once you have the Addendum, you may remove your door as long as an appropriate entry is made." ie. “Pilot door removed for operational convenience. Weight and Balance Addendum #........ now in effect with and empty weight of …………lbs at …………..inches aft of the da
  4. Yup, exploration work has slowed in the Yukon. World markets eating away at the junior's values and no one want's to spend money. I've been lucky so far, flying drills and crews every day but I don't hear the traffic on the radio like last year. I suppose it could all end abruptly ...
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