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  1. I've been flying since 97' i stopped at every operator from St. John's, NF to Dryden, ON. I have a few good connections in the helicopter business and I figure my chances are greater. Its not that I like helicopters more then airplanes or vice versa, I just want to fly! I'm sick of working in retail.
  2. I'm considering converting my fixed wing commercial to rotary winng. Can anyone tell me the school to consider and the ones to avoid. Also, Which schools hire fresh pilots. Any response is appreciated.
  3. I'm an unemployed commercial fixed wing pilot who has done the road trip and did the instructing thing, but couldn't get anywhere. I was wondering if anyone thinks that spending another $25,000 to convert my license to a helicopter rating would amke any sense. How does the helicopter world look right now? or how does it look for the next couple years. Thanks to any who reply
  4. has anyone heard about this movie? is it available to rent or purchase yet?
  5. 24 months after the last day you possessed the IFR.
  6. Thanks guys I appreciated your replies. I know the DFO of a company and I''m hoping he is going to hook me up with a job I don''t know the CP, that why I asked my question. Wish me luck. Cheers!
  7. Let me re-phrase the question.... If you were looking for a job, who is a better connection, Chief Pilot or DFO?
  8. Is Chief Pilot a more senior position then Director of Flight operations?
  9. Are flight schools suffering like everyone else? I was instructing last year and enrollment was horrible, is it worse this year? Does anyone have any predictions about the industry?
  10. When a young guy right out of high school wants to know how is the best way to get in the aviation business as a pilot. How can I tell him that flying airplanes is not a wise career decision without sounding too negative? Should I suggest military? Thanks
  11. Frog, your telling me that in Canada there was a pilot job that didn''t pay well and a Canadian pilot (s) didn''t want it. I don''t believe you! What really pisses me off is when Pilots from other countries get an airline job fairly easy and come to Canada after accumulating 5 grand and then look for a job. I did my INRAT with Aerocourse back in 99'' and there was a German guy there with a type rating on a 737. He got hired with a German airline with 250 hours. He more then likely passed the exams and hooked a job here in Canada. Even if he didn''t get a job someone like him did. Does this
  12. I called my MP a couple years ago about this and he never got back to me. The Canadian government only cares about getting more tax payers so they can waste more money. This makes me so mad! The only employment that I could find flying, essentially paid less then minimum wage (with all the free overtime). I''ve had to stop flying to sell computers. People keep saying to me "You make more money selling computers then you would flying an airplane", It baffles me too! I think the two worst problems in the aviation industry is pilots prostituting themselves and Immigrants stealing our jobs!! I wis
  13. I get the point, I was just trying to be anal or maybe
  14. ---------------- On 3/12/2003 4:47:52 AM Daniel wrote: I would be able to assist running a "Flight Simulation" forum. Probably clocked over 20,000 hours on flight sims since being about 14...Now 18. ---------------- There is only 35,040 hours in 4 years. 20,000 is alittle far fetched
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