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  1. I agree. I just want to log time how I am supposed to. I wouldn't hesitate to log 8 if that was the rule. As it stands I am told to mirror what the aircraft flew as air time, that'd due to TC definition is "air time = flight time". Hope we won't be left waiting too long for someone to say which rule we are supposed to follow.
  2. Appreciate the reply freewheel! I want to be accurate and follow the rules and not stick to a norm that may be set out by my employer. It's worth a discussion and appreciate the info.
  3. I'm with you freewheel, it's crazy there can't be a simple answer. But tomorrow say I start logging flight time I'll be the guy " padding his books" cause the AC logbook "airtime" and my flight duty and personal log won't match.
  4. So what's the easy answer? I have yet to see one, just seems like a very wordy " we have will let you decide"
  5. Haha wow! I'll keep going with whatever goes in the AC logbook as airtime goes in my personal log. Hard to mix that up if anyone ever wanted to verify my hours
  6. so am I correct in my understanding that if an aircraft runs for 8 hours, air time is 6, and that it is running for the intent of flying for the entire 8 hours then the pilot logs 8?
  7. Start taking bets on when a mod makes a fix or replies?
  8. We are so far away from drones taking over. Realistically, pipeline surveys and aerial photography may be the first to be hit, but so much of what we do is completely reliant on a customer being there. Not to mention the battery life of a drone is what, 20 min at best...? I'll jump on the drone band wagon when Westjet has pilotless 737's
  9. I didn't not see this message, would be curious to see, but I have a feeling I know who he is in real life
  10. Thanks for the info Daz! So there isn't a ground period at the company east of Canmore? If you get accepted you get a flying position? How many summers can someone expect to stay at that company? Is it up to the pilot to move on before a low time guy gets the next spot? I have also heard that the Canmore company won't be taking any extra people on. Is that purely because the current guys and gals flying aren't moving on? Or have they increased the amount of positions and theirfor hired too many people the year prior? I hope this is helping the odd guy or gal out there looki
  11. Is there still really 2 out between Calgary and Banff? I know a few guys that came up via the one, you paid to get going but you had a spot right off the bat, but I have heard mixed opinions... From what I hear about the other place though, that wait period is becoming longer and longer with fewer spots opening up. Does anyone know the situation with LR and guys getting to fly the news?
  12. Have some friends and friend of friends who have recently finished flight school or have just enrolled. With things being a bit slower out there, where does someone point guys and gals new to the industry? When I finished school it was a matter of road trips and meeting people face to face, but things were better back then and there was more in the way of companies that took on low time guys and moved them up. Any advice appreciated! Thanks everyone
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