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  1. Dang that last post ended up being long. sorry for that! i'm goin on to a different thread!
  2. I don't want to be a stick in the mud and you guys seem to have some history that i don't want to know! Anyways, Full On you said that you had 4 guys on the "canyon" ? I assume that is a tour of some sort. good job getting students involved! Was that a part time summer only gig. How many hrs did they get and is it a full time year round thing or an every summer thing or do the next years newbies only do it? . Do you have more tours for the 20 grads per year? The other 2 guys got jobs doesn't work out to 80% job placement in the industry. As per my previous post, it doesn't demonstrate how 80
  3. What are all of these guys doing right our of school with 100hrs? The US guys get 150hrs and become junior level flight instructors within 200 hrs. you guys need 250 to instruct right? but there's like 25 flight schools for helis there? are they hiring 20 guys per year from you to do that? what about the other schools students.How do these guys get those extra 100 hrs and then where do they work with so few schools? The US students get hired by their school or one of hundreds of others or do tours. The process is to get them flying/working soon after the commercial license. There has been n
  4. Those guys at Red Eagle are not new comers by any means. only one incident in 14years is a good history. don't let anyone sell them short. they have 2 bases of ops. they own schweizers (awesome!!) both CBI and S300C, a 206, H500, Bell 407, and are taking delivery of a new 429 EMS config in a matter weeks I hear. These guys have 7 instructors, 5 for helicopters, run tours, wildlife counts, police SAR, mountain rescue and hi alt recovery (with 407) and will be running the new HEMS 429. Oh and get this they have a staff guy who is certified for training night vision there!!! One of my buddies is
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