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  1. There are some amazing phots from John Eacott who has returned from down south. They are on Pprune where there is a good thread going on the subject. http://www.pprune.org/jet-blast/397397-ppr...g-pictures.html
  2. Would appear to be some other poor soul! RIP Liknky___Click
  3. "You move another inch and I'll blow your f***ing head off," the gravel-and-nicotine voice told Popovich. "Well, you better go ahead and shoot, 'cause I'm grabbing that plane." A shot was discharged in the air. The gravel-and-nicotine voice again. "I'm not kidding." "Then do it already." Popovich's first rule of firearms is pretty simple: The man who tells you he's going to shoot you will not shoot you. So without so much as looking back, he got on the plane and flew it right to Chicago. "My job is to grab that plane," Popovich says. "And if you haven't paid for it, th
  4. Look back towards the tail, in the snow there is a strange black dot, zoom in for a better look, but not enough to see what it is,,, photoshop errror?
  5. I think you answered your own question, Helmets are not required to be worn and are not mandatory, therefore, if it isn't mandatory it can't be regulated as to the condition of it. Wearing one whilst on a bike is so therefore can be regulated. Just my two bobs worth!
  6. Where was the cab operating? Was it anywhere near a radar? Tq guages have sometimes been known to have wild readings when being illuminated by certain types of radar systems. Did these instances occur at the same place as each other?
  7. Yeah, but just be very careful not to give them TOO MUCH rope as they may hang somebody else with them as their problems MAY encroach into the realms of flight safety. If you have ANY doubts at all as to the integrity of the person involved, nip it in the bud BEFORE somebody gets hurt! Remember, fly safe!
  8. I wonder if they can use the little spikey thing for taking stones out from horses hooves!
  9. Sar,, I may have thrown the first grenade, but it was more of an attention getter for our friend Volition, who is well known in here to be rather volatile. Yeah, well done Volition for giving the Military a go AGAIN! Like I said, I hope he sticks at it longer than he has in previous attempts and that he doesn't resign his commission AGAIN!
  10. Vo, take a friggin chill pill and calm the heck down, you are sailing very close to the wind and possibly using language/conduct unbecoming of a military officer! (beware) You have had a very turbulent career path, and, Yes, you are flying , but that does not excuse the fact that you have some deep rooted issues with yourself that need addressing before ANYBODY can take what you say seriously. When you have finished work for the day, go back to your room, stand in front of the mirror and have a **** good look at your self, think about what really makes you happy, and why you keep d
  11. LEAVE ??? I thought you had just gone back in, after leaving once before! Instead of wondering about what the payscales are, perhaps you may consider why an employer would even touch you when you change jobs like a whore changes her underwear!
  12. Oh , didn't know we were going for the most original award, If that's the case,,, we used to cver the A/C in lighter fluid and then chuck a match to it,, it's not enough to burn the airframe or skin but sure gets the ice off pretty smartly !!! Not approved anywhere i'm sure,,,, P.S,,, just joking,,, seeing who bites! :punk: :up:
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