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  1. There is a periodic insp. to remove the boots and use a boroscope to insp the leading edge and trailing edge of the spar for cracks. never seen one in the last 12 years. The job is kinda like painting your front hallway thru the mail slot! It can be done but its not easy!
  2. and the loggers: Paul Hicks- CHC Brian Miyazaki- CHC John Gentile -CHC John Gavriel-CHC John Mathews- CHC Rocky Pearson- Retired Harold Baba-Retired Not sure about the pilots????
  3. ACE 303, Defintion of a Pilot/Engineer: A person who meets the minimum requiremnents of both professions and excells at neither. One who carries out two jobs but is only paid for one. My advise is to pick the one you want and leave the other as a intrest/hobby.
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