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  1. I think the most common “carrot” these days is a schedule.
  2. He’s talking about the video that was added to the article that had nothing to do with this accident.
  3. Curious how many companies are gonna be even shorter staffed with a handful of people not getting the shots.
  4. I know how it works. Being vaxxed means you have a lesser chance of getting really sick and transmitting, but if you’re less sick you’re also more likely to be out and about.
  5. Got my second wave of covid from someone who was double vaxxed. Your damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
  6. Didn’t really want to… but I also like going to brewery’s and kinda also need to be able to pay the tab at the end. Still not a fan it’s being forced like this. So when do my super powers show up?
  7. Nah pilots don’t grow up we just get bigger. im just here trying to defend people’s rights to make a decision. Just like the decision on who to vote for. Until that one gets taken away too.
  8. Bit of a hypocrite eh? As someone who says to “educate yourself” you only seem keen on looking at one half of the facts. The ones that benefit your own personal agenda. But when someone brings up facts opposing, they are fake.
  9. But it’s not as rare as you believe. I personally know 3 people who’ve been in the hospital with reactions to the vaccine. All with no previous health concerns. All 3 were linked to the vaccine but not before they ran every test they could to try and prove it wasn’t. Yet the covid testing is only 60% accurate and we’re supposed to believe the numbers on the internet are accurate?
  10. A buddy of mine on the fixed wing side got his first shot and had a heart attack 3 days later. He’s in recovery but has his medical pulled….. can you blame people for not rushing to get vaccinated?
  11. The people who are in support of this vaccine passport must have been the same ones who stockpiled toilet paper earlier….. 🤦‍♂️
  12. I got COVID from someone who was double vaccinated and not showing symptoms. So not sure how being against this flue shot is being selfish.
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