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  1. I'm curious. Has heard anything about this new company based in Sudbury? I understand they have a lot of new equipment (350B3 dual hyds) a Koala and a new huge hangar at the Sudbury airport. I saw one of their machines on fires in Ontario this past summer, however I understand they only do "Bird Towing" work. Are they a good outfit? Would you work for them? I haven't been able to find any info about them. Can anyone help??
  2. Aeromed ships should all be EC145T2's! lol. Just my opinion based solely on looks!
  3. Firehawk, Are you running Eric Bradley's "Flight Duty XLS" on your mac? The version with the C.A.R.S. built in that will show you the CARS reg if you have violated your flight duty times? Or an Excel spreadsheet for calculating flight duty times?
  4. I too run a mac. However, Flight Duty XLS WILL NOT run on the mac os. If you wish to run flt duty xls you would have to run "windows" os on your mac. There are three ways to do that. the two most popular are "Parallels" and " Boot Camp". Parallels is about $100. Boot Camp is a free download for older Intel Macs and already installed on new Intel Macs.. However with all three ways you have to run a licenced copy of Windows (not sure if Boot Camp supports Vista but Parallels does for sure). If you can sleep at night with a clear conciesnce, then you can aquire and run a bootleg copy of wi
  5. cbc.ca has a few things to say about the accident and the condition of the pilot. Luckily it sounds like he will be alright. I hate to hear of these things. My thoughts are with the pilot, his family/friends and the good people at Great Slave.
  6. Heli-ops, I'm on your side, I feel like "Big Brother" is watching us. I assure you that this Kyle is in the minority. I will make the effort to spread the word of your efforts. I thank you and I know many others do aswell. Its a fine line between advertising and being a nice guy, but in this case there are not many options in industry periodicals, so where is the trouble Kyle? I'd like to know. Please PM ME and explain it to me. Or send me a contact number, I'll call you on my tab so I can get your point of view directly. Better yet, I'll come by to where you are and we can meet fac
  7. Nice pic Heli Ops, Its a tried and true techniquie. I've done many non heli ones like that. They are way cool! try one down a tree lined narrow roadway. Really cool effect!!! :up: Thanks for the post and by the way, your web site is great! :up: :up:
  8. Its cool the way "old" becomes "new" again. I down-loaded that very video from a link on this site, this time last year! But it is still just as exciting to watch! Thanks for the post! :up:
  9. marc1612, Why would you wanna do something silly like that? :hide: Seismic, Its a tough game. But seriously, I would suggest talking to Mustang in Red Deer or Abitibi in Springbank for instance. But I think all will agree with me here, If you don't already have Seismic experience its going to be tough to walk into something for the winter as may of the summer fire pilots are looking for work and most likely have the seismic experience already. I would suggest getting you foot in the door now. Come out west and work for a western operator that does seismic. Prove your worth and when t
  10. Rotorboy2, I'm back to the main gig. I guess they scrounged up something to keep me busy and prevent me from keeping my feelers too far out there. Oh well they are great and I don't mind the work. I just hate being idle, unless we have a wedding to got to or something. later, rotorboy2! :up: PS Cool swamp-donkey on your site! :up: :up:
  11. SC is looking for some temp work, relief (two to three weeks) while things have slowed down with my regular gig. I'm PPC'ed until the end of this month. Last PPC was on a 206 but I've been on Astars for the last year. Anywork will do just to keep busy but I don't work for free. I'm in Alberta and would mind staying within a one province radius and no Arctic stuff please. That it, I know its pretty picky. thanks all! SC
  12. A 1500 hr pilot with 350, 500 and 206 time looking for a ride. Can anyone make any suggestions? PM me and we can exchange details. Thanks
  13. Wot ya maned up with Baggie? the Astar or the 2X6? Forcast is for lightning this afternoon here in central Alberta. Good news for all wood-be heli firefighters. I hope we goet some new ones. Natures way of regenerating you know. :up: :up:
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