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  1. I see there is a need for Pilots in the Maldive's. Must have been cause you left!! Sounds like fun I am all for it too!! woo hoo
  2. No one has any loan programmes in Ontario anymore. A few students walked thru our doors and asked for loan information. TD and all the rest are gone! Best thing to do is put your car down for equity and among other things and get a personal loan to pay it all back! Or a line of credit! The job thing can be another down fall at the end of your training when it is time to pay it all back! If you have been out of school for sometime, talk to HRDC sometimes they can swing a few options to you for help!
  3. If your gonna get block time.. Go Multi engine! Especially if it is cheaper then the schools and if they wont give you any deals!!
  4. I am glad this conversation showed up. Our flight school is currently interested in purchasing a new simulator, however money is lack due to students! But are interested anways. So if I understand correctly and can anyone point out in the CARs a reference to it. If we got a new computer, installed Flight Simulator 2002 Pro or 2004CofF, got the USB yoke and pedals from CH Products and two monitors, one for student other for instructor, the Sim is certified by TC? If so that be SWEET!!
  5. I think there is a school in Sudbury, Ontario. Coniston Flying Club that is in the process of getting a Navajo at this moment. Although I think that if it is used for charter purposes insurances companies wont insure it for renting or checkouts. Since most Insurance policies have to "name" the drivers on the plane. But you can try them in the near future. New North Flyng Club, in sudbury!
  6. T.O. Island has one for part ownership or some kind of deal. I have noticed. A Cirrus 22 in particular. Check them out! It's NOT ATI, its one of the other flight school units.
  7. Has anyone been reading all the aviation monthly publicaitons that we have in this country. Wings, Aviation Canada, COPA, Aviator, etc... I keep seeing an add for this one guy "Morris Chirka" looking for a job, a low timer expressing his skills as far more superior than that of a Airline pilot for Air Canada for instance. Look at what his resume says: "To obtain an entry-level position in the aviation industry to utilize my training as a commercial pilot. Excellent spatial perception and motor coordination. Noted for superior situational awareness. Calm under pressure. Ability
  8. Has anyone tried to obtain an american pilots license using your Canadian License at all? I am interested in obtaining just a Private License for the states cause the only flying I will be doing into the US is via GA Flying only. I was on the FAA website and "tried" reading there reg's and rules for foreign pilots. It outlines all sorts of things you must do but then contradicts itself if you are a ICAO member of a certain State of the British Commenwelth and so on and so forth. I was wondering what the process is basically for me to apply for a FAA certificate? I found the application form
  9. Look for a instructor that is dedicated. Research places in Winnipeg, and talk to ALL there instructors. See who will take the time to sit with you and be honest with you and who knows what he/she is talking about! Not some young bold instructor who needs the time and will tell you anything!!
  10. Thats a shame to see it destroyed. Looks very real, the Chicago Sun is carrying the story well past April 1st. So NO joke!! Darn shame to see that field gone, flight simulator is gonna have to get a new airport with a city skyline!! I nominate City Centre in downtown TO!!!
  11. A friend of mine has a Lancair Legacy 2000. It kicks cruise speed 23" at roughly 240kts... Retractable gear as well.. It could go faster however, apparently, but I didnt think Toronto Centre be pleased with a radar contact doing +250kts on an airway in low lever airspace. My favorite!!!
  12. More senior pilot anyway!! Age has nothing to do with it also!! hehe
  13. Good Luck with it. I got my initial Multi-IFR test coming up.. I hope it goes well!!
  14. I got a stripper in my Ground School class! She is a student, not entertainment. But someting to gawk at on Friday nights when you go to the bar and cheer her on!! hehe
  15. Well even if an instructor had many hours of flying most experience with a pilot comes from experience flying. A 5000 hr instructor and a 230 hr instructor cant teach you more about flying then what is required to fly. Most knowledge comes from hearing things or experiencing them yourself. Recurrecny in training is also a good thing as well. Since it is fresh off the top of there heads. Secondly where is a pilot gonna start earning his experience? Through instructing right? So if its your perogative to gain experience from a 5000hr instructor, then go ahead, no ones to argue. But a 230 h
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