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  1. Ah yes the fly for food program, Ive known a couple of guys to come out of there and doo very well in the real world,If they can stand that they could put up with anything. a couple of seasons with that outfit show real determination.
  2. Min. 100 lbs Hughes500 start pump on @ 150lbs I like to fill it to the bottom of the filler= about 300lbs, had one recently that was giving erratic readings on the gauge and when filling it I had to stop and wait for the level to go down, turned out the r/h fuel cell was collapsing or a vent was plugged or something, I'm glad I was filling it visually.
  3. OK today, on final pickup with a bagrunner, combination of hand cut in the bush and farm fields, good access and dropping bags at caches, average distance about 4 Km, this is how my day went, keeping in mind every job is different. these were my flights for the day. -65 min-pick up 37 bags=35 bags/hr -69 min-pick up 36 bags=31 bags/hr -57 min-pick up 28 bags=29 bags/hr -83 min-pick up 30 bags=22 bags/hr -75 min-pick up 31 bags=24 bags/hr As you can see the times change during the day mostly due to distance, and every job is different so its impossible to say what it sh
  4. wow I should take a typing lesson, the words in question are:There,sure, puck,time. or maybe its my keybprd!
  5. Do we have to start a new topic for bag pickers , yhere shre has been some winners in the past there was one that had a cone and a pudk sort of thing instead of a " ball sort of thing" the attachment point to the lanyard was pretty weak and we spent alot of time looking for bags that had fallen. The seismic guys always thought that you would know or feel a bag fall off in flight but I can attest that sometimes even with a rack of 3 some times you cant tell when one falls off let alone when one of a rack of 8 goes by by. they think we are" looking down the whole tome were airborne, dosent leave
  6. Ya those were the days! when the bag runners mic stuck and you found out what he really thought of the pilot up above. but its kind of nice this way as well, you get to be in your own little world , no chat on the radio just go pick up or lay out whatever and if you can get the coordinater to trust you you dont have to talk to anybody on the radio, just go fly and have fun it can be pretty sweet when you have a huge heap uf bags below you to fly. check the gallery, the pic called "we'll be a while" good times and good money!!
  7. there is no favorite bag runner! They all cost the pilot money I used yo like waiting around for somebody to hook me up! How things have changed with seismic flying! No more maps or chaining notes and no more guys hooking you up.
  8. Kodiak is all right, but ive used dynanav lots more and it just seems simpler. theres only two buttons and as near as I can tell the same functions are available on both, except for the back tracking feature on Dynanav that you have to contact Dynanav to use( and pay a fee) thier both good. I guess I like Dynanav because the buttons are installed on the collective or cyclic on the machines that I fly where as the kodiak has a button pad thats always on the floor or lost somewere. Ive used Them both quite a bit and Dynanav seems to be less work load and Im able to keep my eyes outside a little
  9. Dosent it suck when you come on tour and the first four days the flight time adds up to 0.0, good thing for this site and an internet connection!!
  10. Ya Wings Over Alaska Highway Ive read that one as well, some amazing pics in that book, really great stuff. I hope Mike "I think his name is" finishes his book soon so I can read that one. I met this Mike on fires last year and he's writing a book alog the same lines as Ten Thousand Hours I cant wait
  11. Another good book with alot of history is called "Cloud Dancing" I cant remember who its written by, If anybody knows of any others lets hear it I need a new book!
  12. Regrettably Peter passed away last year or maybe it was in 2003, great reading though its hard to find good reading like the stuff he wrote. His son Jerry works for Highland in Vancover.
  13. I work there as well, they keep me busy and pay well, management is reasonable. maybe they are loosing money by undercutting rates but I dont think so. There is a good bunch of guys, pilots and engineers that I work with, therefore no complaints. I know there was a lot of changes when J F took the helm and a lot af guys left because of him and thanks to that I now have a unending supply of good flying. Thank's
  14. Thanks for all the good stuff, this fourm or I should say the people in It are proving to be a great source of info and advice. thanks everybody! any word on a place to train in the east ?
  15. I trained with John 6years ago(now at Airborne Flt Training) he's a great guy we still talk often, The survival training the year before and the years after my time was very enlightening so I was told, (camshell and -25 for three nights) and no beer. My survival training was a little more lax( cabin and lots of beer) He might be able to include someone in thier survival weekend from another school give them a call
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