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  1. I wonder who the frikking moron was that gave this post a negative. Good post P5, reminds me of my days in West Africa. Never had any problems with airlines. The key is BE NICE to the counter staff.
  2. Jeez H Chryst fellow members!! WTF has happened to our site?? It's like a bunch of grade school idiots have taken over. This site must be real close to being the laughing stock of the industry.
  3. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=loosing
  4. A wee bit harsh Whitestone but very true. The are exceptions to the above but it happens very seldom. I could probably count on one hand the individuals that I could truly trust and count on in a pinch.
  5. Bit of a different outlook on the story and the participants over here. http://www.avcanada.ca/forums2/viewtopic.php?f=54&t=77550 I find it amazing how there can be so many different thoughts and opinions to the same story.
  6. Excellent Bucko, here is some more for you then.
  7. What's listed on the origonal TC?? So simple.
  8. Maintenance tracking?? New Zealand?? Give your head a shake Mate!
  9. Too funny!! Thanks Cosmo. There will be a few guys around Melfort wondering why I'm calling them Richard Head.
  10. Uh.... what's a Richard Head?? I guess I'm spending too much time in the stubble fields.
  11. Bingo gwk!! That's the guy. Any idea about his present status? Retired, still flying? In addition to 'all round nice guy' A h-ll of a stick man.
  12. Kudos to you and your team Bags. It's good to see. We saw that happen very seldom at NMH in Blue River years ago. Once in a blue moon (no pun intended) a Pilot would share his tip(s). It was sure nice to have a hundred or two pressed into your hand. Some Pilots would go so far as to brag about how much the got at the end. Usually in the thousands (so they said) with nary a nickel spread to the rest of the staff. Just a side note: We had a 212 Pilot there who farmed in the summer and flew during the winter. Older chap, soft spoken, a real Gentleman. ALWAYS shared his tips. I used to have dinne
  13. I suppose it's too much to ask for a bit of proof, a reliable source, or some semblance of verification. As if I even give a shyte about Mustang or any other helicopter company for that matter. Sorry, gotta run to the 'drug store'. I'm zero stock on Scotch.
  14. Sorry Princess, there is a LOT wrong with it. You are spreading unsubstantiated gossip against one of the most respected Helicopter Companys in the world. Unless you are willing to post concrete proof to back up a story instead of posting drivel you heard over the back fence or in some bar I suggest you keep things to yourself. BTW- Did you know they used to execute 'Rumor Mongers' during WW1
  15. Pretty obvious to me that Hybrid made his statement in jest and tongue in cheek. A bit of suggested reading for you SS http://ecclesia.org/truth/friends.html
  16. Don't have to be a 'engine guru' for this one. Common sense and good maintenance practices will work just fine There are chemical removal procedures for that sort of thing. Bead blasting is also sometimes used. Blades are very suseptible to the smallest microscopic scratches that will lead to failure down the road. I would take it up with your QA folks. If that fails, move on before you get trapped into thinking bad work practice is the norm.
  17. Really?? Show me where on this site I have ever slagged Pilots. Your move Puffkin!!
  18. Probably the most insulting and degrading posts ever made on this site, by a factor of at least 10. Trust me, Bucko, you ARE on my list of truly dedicated ARSEHOLES!!
  19. Have you or someone you know ever flown or worked on a machine while under 'the influence'? Have you ever flown crews that were 'under the influence'? Should there be mandatory random drug testing for Pilots and Engineers in Canada? Personaly speaking, I have seen drug use in our industry, on several occasions, from Pilots, Engineers, and the Crews we carried. Any Military folks out there---don't be afraid to comment, I'm sure the problem is there as well. Your Thoughts?? http://www.leftseat.com/AME/health4pilots/default.htm http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/03/04/us-drug-use-link
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