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  1. If you want a low maintenance beauty, the 407 ain't it. Although anyone can do the entire inspection in about 15 minutes... with a pen ;-P
  2. The vxp is very good at collecting and presenting the data, but completely useless at computing solutions because the application cannot correct the clock angle i.e. it can't learn. Best to develop your own polar chart with move line axis' for both pitch links and tabs for a specific set of blades at a specific airspeed. One can do this by making a positive pitch adjustment on a given tab or link and recording the resulting move line. Best to do that on a reasonably balanced rotor to get an accurate move line clock angle for future reference. Seems not uncommon to have track splits of 10 mm or
  3. My guess is that not a lot of people use the vxp because it costs quite a chunk of change. The RADS-AT is pretty expensive too, but people say it's the only way to go for the 407. Then again fuel and airtime are pretty expensive too... not to mention the down time. I've used the VXP on the 407 a few times now to the point where I've learned what to do and more importantly, what not to do. It's great at gathering data and displaying it (good user interface utilizing a pc) but not so great at computing solutions. It displays the track pattern for different airspeeds graphically and numerical
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