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  1. RTD is still around, Now named IAS Helicopter Support and based in Kamloops
  2. how many Astars or 206 = one 212 as far as amount of maintenance needed?
  3. I have yet to make what I did before, and prior I logged, rigged and did time in the oil patch as derrick hand. I now manage the maintenance at a expanding company and I love what I am doing, regardless of pay. That being said, valuable people should be accepted as such and rewarded for their time
  4. Been there, had to do that, After installation.
  5. Is there anyone else that produces a system like this? It seems that there is one out there, but I have only heard about one that is in the works.
  6. Thanks Cheap Tuesdays, I tried to call Aero-Dyne and tried to google them with no results. Are they still out there? Does anyone have any other contact info?
  7. thanks rainman, I will continue the search. BAH are you out there? help me.
  8. Hey Rainman, I have been lookiing for the 407 audio warning system. Any info that you could pass along would be helpful. Thanks Hungstart
  9. thanks tweaker, do you use this adapter for the instruments or for the ecu? when I was at bell I believe they recommended an adapter for the instruments but couldn't find one that worked for the ecu, although they kew of people that have made it work. I have a belkin adapter that works for the instruments nothing that seems to work for the ecu.
  10. I have had no luck so far. Tried a couple of laptops with serial ports, they all seem to work regardless of their operating system, (XP, 2000, ME) so I know my software is not the problem. Just can't get my new laptop to do the job. Anyone else out there have any words of advice?
  11. Yeah that does sound wierd but I have heard of and seen weirder. so, where is the grounding point on your laptop? I am interested
  12. I use a belkin as well, and have no problem working with the Instrument software. The ECU software won't accept the belkin as a serial port even if I plug it in after I have launched the program. It says there are no serial ports available. I would like to know what the other guys are using if they don't have serial ports on their laptops. I have a sony with windows XP
  13. Just wondering if anyone knows of a USB adapter that will work with the ECU. I have one that works with the instruments, but not the ECU. I have tried a PCMCIA serial port card with no luck. I don't want to lug around a 1986 laptop as well as my new one?
  14. oh yeah, snap on sells a cute little one for about $20
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