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  1. What does written and oral skills have to do with being good on a line or flying the dam thing. I guess they want someone that can put more then a log entry in the book? Professionalism. All the best with any future interviews. Rigid
  2. I would apologize for the thread creep but I think that ship has long sailed. Just an observation, and feel free to disagree, but I have found over the years that our business has a rather interesting side to it. That is, anyone that has experience on a particular machine and knows it well invariably speaks well of it. They know it's limitations, and as Zasu has said, if they fly it and maintain it properly it will always work as advertised with few exceptions. There are always those that, even though they are not familiar with an aircraft, no matter what type it is, often proclaim it to be "junk" or a "POS" blah blah blah blah. On a number of occassions in the past I would usually say to such people when the discussions came up that if they had never operated, flown, or maintained the machine then I guess their opinion "would count for SFA then wouldn't it?" I may have mellowed a little with age so if someone goes on a bit of a trash session now I just ask what they found didn't work for them on that aircraft. Do you think the Trucking or Boating industries are the same? Probably yes. Rigidhead
  3. Chairman, PM sent. Regards, Rigidhead
  4. Offset, Kapsto/Poeppelmann has an excellent selection and you don't have to buy 10,000 at a time. Price was quite reasonable last time we bought them as well. www.poeppelmann.co.uk Rigidhead
  5. Good evening HTP, Hi viz doors.... Eurocopter Canada STC SH00-1. EASA certified 12 May, 2006 under EASA STC number EASA.1M.R.S.01195 Valid for AS 350 B B1 B2 B3 BA D Rigidhead
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