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  1. The Company I worked for installed recording Temp. and Torque gauges, the problems appeared to go away.
  2. Hard to imagine that CHL would take over VIH vfr work when CHL closed so many bases due to high maintanence, (return on investment), and it is a very competetive market meaning low average tariffs. However I know that Alpine interest them.
  3. Been with my employer for 20 years in a month, I had same as 407 when my parents were ill, no quibble you were off as long as you needed, all paid. I have the pins, been to HAI, and other trips that were work but very cushy. I take holidays in the summer as well, get long service pay augmentation, pension plan, and awsome medical, they recently returned my holidays when I broke my foot 5 days into my holidays, allowing me to use up my 30 sick days and then short term leave if needed. This company works you hard and we don't always see eye to eye but overall they are one of the best, there a
  4. Boy a lot happens when your off with a busted foot, sound to me like there's a lot of people concerned about a company they don't even work for. May be they actually wish they did. All I know is I get a raise every spring, and have stunning med. coverage.
  5. Hey Gambler: Check out HAC (Helicopter Association of Canada) they have Heliski guidelines, this was made up by some of the top helicopter operators.
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