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  1. They have completely redesigned the blade to include a wrap around strip (titanium?) to prevent the blades from departing at the root. The 2 incidents (one in Hong Kong the other Brazil) were too similar to deny a t/r design flaw and react to a problem. The Agusta factory has ramped up t/r blade production and it is my understanding that all operators have enough blades once again. A lot of time on the ground waiting for blades in the mean time! but at least the problem was acknowledged. New blades should be available by 3rd quarter of 2012??....if all goes according to plan.
  2. "I don't quite see it. The system doesn't seem to be falling apart. When the need is great enough, the people will put their foot down. It's basic human behaviour, and happens in any social, economic, or political context. The will of the people can change the world. If nothing happens, then that means the collective will of the people just isn't quite there in order to effect change." PROactive vs. REactive I guess it's better to wait for everything to fall apart before anyone tries to make improvements?
  3. Fell off the planet for a while...my apologies. Thank you very much for your replies. As near as I can tell, not much (well...nothing actually) has changed since my departure. Looks like I will stay put indefinitely at this stage. Doesn't look very financially attractive for a return anytime soon. After tax, there can't be too much left in one's pocket!! For reference: Previous Job: All figures are in today's exchange rate. Long lining in light/intermediate, Mon-Fri, 1000-1600 (max 5hrs daily), home every night. Total package: $11,700/month Tax capped at 17%.
  4. I have been working overseas for about 5 years and have lost touch with what salaries are like in Canada. Many of the posts offering employment use the term "competitive wages". If any folks are willing to share, I am curious as to where the salaries are these days and what is competitive. Probably not far off what they were 5 years ago, but one never knows unless they ask. G
  5. I am all about straight salary these days. It's up to the company to fly me to earn my keep! Where I am at right now...they fly me to the maximum for a reasonable monthly salary. No complaints here. But I don't work in Canada anymore.
  6. I was under the impression that if there is an instructor on board, it can then be logged as dual.
  7. Not a fan of unions in general, but then again...never worked under one either. Just out of curiousity, now that CHC has formed a new union, how does one determine their seniority number?? Is it based on date of hire?experience? It seems to me that this is quite important in the union system. It is my understanding that once a union is formed, your number is entirely based on your hire date? G
  8. Any opinions on the topic of nomex? It is a current topic of conversation where I'm at. It has been raised that they may become a manditory uniform at the company I work for in Hong Kong. The discussion raised a few issues. Most of our work is longlining with Lamas. In the summer, temperatures reach 34+ with 80-90% humidity. If you were required to wear nomex suits, would it cause an increase in fatigue (heat) and negate the benefit of the suit? Not sure what the statistics say regarding post crash fire. I pesonally don't know of anyone that has been involved in crash with a subseque
  9. "driller" weights...whatever they say, it's significantly heavier.
  10. Seems like you have contradicted yourself in the above paragraphs?? The definition given equates to 'skids up/skids down' & the second paragraph is rotors turning? Multiple personalities? depending on the day? Back on topic..... 500-600 per year
  11. I would put a light load on the hook vs. an empty hook initially. It's a lot more difficult to fly an empty line than a line with something dense on it. When more comfortable, take the load off and practice with the empty line.
  12. I think that the post has accomplished its' intended purpose. The fact that it's being discussed and it is a safety issue is what it's all about. Anyone who reads this thread will most certainly think about a clearing turn prior to their next take-off. It has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not it was the cause of the accident. Prevention is the goal.
  13. Another engineer fart story from a couple years back. Apprentice engineer working with full face fresh air mask.....BOMB dropped in the intake of the pump outside. It's amazing how much air is pumped through those masks. It was almost an instant reaction. There were about 4-5 onlookers that were pissing themselves laughing with tears streaming down their cheeks. .....Avoid painting/paint stripping at all costs!!!
  14. For those who are giving receipts for fuel/transport/hotel...etc., I hope you are voluntarily lending your employer money. (I know there is the "credit card" thread where this is covered). If they trust you with a 7 figure aircraft, you'd think they could trust you with a credit card to cover expenses. Back on topic....across 'the pond' we're getting $75US per day.
  15. Thanks a lot folks. That is exactly what I was looking for.
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