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  1. Just curious if anyone has an EC 145 flight manual on pdf that they are willing to share? Thanks, HF
  2. http://www.therohostore.com/Departments/Comfort-Products/Aviation-Seat-Cushion.aspx
  3. Simpleton - Just curious how many peanuts a month you get paid and if you can use debit?
  4. Just curious why everyone is coming down on Teabagger for wanting pilots to follow the aviation laws? As professional pilots, should we not try to overfly built up areas at 1000' above? Did anyone bother to check to NOTAMS for the area before they rant? If you did you would see that there was one on for the local area and all flights had to be approved by parks Canada. This NOTAM could be removed by now, I am not sure as I did not look today. In this particular situation, there were a lot of pilots trying rescue people from situations that could be and were harmful to the people there amd t
  5. Thanks for all the info everyone! Splitpin I am doing great, how about yourself?
  6. Just wondering who is dealing the Alpha helmets in Canada? I need new ear cups for mine as they are starting to crack. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Helifarmer
  7. Ha!...me too. Just doin the diapers, swimming/skiing/sledding with the young one. Almost as good as sex or helicopters LOL! If only the pay was as good. Don't know who can read this so maybe facebook me or email me at aza_ehlers@hotmail.com

  8. im at home where are you?

  9. Where you at...I'm looking at you right now on line!

  10. Yes I can see why John, does it have a brown tinge to it? Hope your well my friend!
  11. Thats from all the rum your drinking in Melfort old Buddy! Helifarmer
  12. And the problem with "stubble jumpers is"? lol
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