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  1. The best twisters I've found are Millbar... Had mine for over 20 years and no problems... For simplicity though.. The cheapies will work just fine for quite a while.. Don't get ripped off by the Snap-On truck... BTW Rosco... Lot's of us don't live where it gets that cold... :shock:
  2. twotter

    Oxygen Bottles

    Hey ya old windbag.... I did a little looking and found a couple sites that might be of some assistance to ya.. This first one is mostly info... http://www.mhoxygen.com/index.phtml?nav_id=25&article_id=18 This one will give you the contacts who can get you the straight stuff from the manufacturer.. http://www.scotthealthsafety.com/support.htm I does however raise a good and valid point.. I've always just thought well, that's just the way it is when filling bottles.. But, I guess in our CYA times that we now have we should have an IAW... If I remember correctly, the A-330 manual did have some instructions but I can't remember how detailed it got on the actual filling of the bottle.. Let me know what you find.. Cheers..
  3. A lot of great replies... I wouldn't worry too much about showing up with many tools for your first job though cause as has been mentioned, what you need will depend on what you are doing.. What I've done for years with new apprentices, is get them to keep a list of what they borrow and every time they borrow the same item, put a tick next to it.. Next payday, buy what has the most ticks next to it.. That way you are sure to get what you use the most right away.. Hope this helps.. and good luck.. :punk:
  4. I'm not sure about the rest of you in other parts of the country, but out here on the left coast, this year has sucked so far.. :down: I'm hoping that this latest stretch will become summer.. :up: Cheers all
  5. Anyone on here heard how things are down in the Maldives since the disaster?? I'm still waiting to hear but I know comunications are difficult.. Hoping everyone is OK...
  6. Oh well, hopefully people will come back to this site and make it more lively again!!! :up:
  7. Twinstar.. I'm glad to see that Chuck isn't the only one older than me!!!! Hope you are both having a good one :up:
  8. OK... I'm confused... But back to the original topic. Duty times are important for safety reasons, however, how will it be monitored? As was mentioned above, it will require a lot of honesty but, I'm afraid that the bank balance will prove to be more of a draw than honesty in many cases.
  9. Didn't work for me Chuck... Then again, I'm no computer genius... Cheers buddy, good to have you back...
  10. Twinstar, I couldn't agree with you more. Some of the F/O's I had in the Maldives were lost without the GPS. I tried it a couple times when it was their leg, I would just turn off the GPS and some of them were just lost without it. I tried to get them to know the islands and know that this island was 22 miles from Male, or that one was 20 miles on the 207 radial but it was for sure an uphill battle. I hate to say it but I don't think it's any better here in Canada, people rely way too much on these little wonder machines. Don't get me wrong, I love having a good GPS in my airplane, but god if it ever quit or gave you problems (and I've had that) you'd better know what to do... That as you say, boils down to good airmanship, and unfortunatley it doesn't seem to be a big priority these days with the wonderfull technology that we have. It's really too bad because some day these people will need it...
  11. It might not be equivilent but the Hulhule hotel has the Captains bar that seems to work!!!
  12. That brings up the question of what a lot of people would do if their GPS packed it in while they were flying. How many would even know where they were so when they finally found their map they might have a starting point? Too many people rely far too heavily on new gadgets when they should really be learning the basics first and then learn to play with the gadgets..
  13. Duff is great, however Alexander Keiths IPA holds that special charm for me.... :up: Or maybe it was too many years as an engineer that I just got hooked on the IPA part??? Cheers!!
  14. See, now we're communicating... This has brought up the whole problem of some people like certain ex members that I'm sure we all remember who have ended up being forced to leave because of the problems they created. I think all in all, most people can have a lively discussion without it deteriorating to the bs of name calling and worse. A little emotion is sometimes good when discussing things we are passionate about. You know, things like which type of beer is best....
  15. Hey all, I just got back from a contract down in the Maldives and boy what a zoo that place is these days. Mondays are the busiest days with both TMA and MAT flying everything they have to the max. What a zoo that place can be when you have 15 or more Twin Otters (I believe there are 28 in country right now) all converging on the airport at the same time... Not to say how it is when the weather is marginal which can make it a lot more interesting.. It's quite amazing that the controllers and pilots all seem to make it happen with few problems considering that the controllers have no radar and most flights converge on the 3 standard reporting points when inbound. Combine this with the inbound and outbound heavies and turboprops that seem to pick the busiest times to come and go and you have quite an amazing situation. It is quite the sight to see, the odd time when most of both fleets are at the main bases.. Seeing upwards of 20 Twin Otters all in one place is an amazing sight!! But then of course, we all knew that with 3 heavies that just landed at the same time that we would all be trying to leave at the same time and the circus begins again... Cheers
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