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  1. Don't forget that's 2 - 3x the crew/maintenance/parking. Plus those old Astars would have to be equipt with all the police equiptment (which comes with a new 120). Also from what little I know about the 120 it's a much more spacious heli that requires a lot less maintenance than an Astar. The 120 is a lot less noise too. You might be supprised how many people complain about the noise from the calgary police MD600.
  2. Yup! Almost every major ski resort uses explosives to stop uncontroled avalanches from happening. Most of them don't get a nice safe helicopter to drop the explosives from.
  3. That's probably the longest and most interesting "yes" I've ever read.
  4. I like the forums the way they are. Besides you don't want to have 10,000 unused forums like Heli-torque or many other websites. Thats my $0.02.
  5. One again another good story. Thanks, Chuck.
  6. Nice going, Matt! I always love hearing about first solos Kyle's sounds like it might have been interesting too.
  7. I just read both those. Just wanted to say they were both great, great lessons learned from both of them. :up: Got any more?
  8. Hey Ryan, Glad to hear everyone is ok. Is that the same R22 you trained on?
  9. It's a good thing I'm not in charge either then. Anyone ever see that police helicopter video where an MD 500 nailed a guy trying to run with his skids?
  10. Nice work, Ryan. You disserve it! I’ve been following your story from day one and your progress brings hope to my little to-be helicopter pilot heart
  11. I finally got mine on friday and have read through pretty much all of it. Hard to find something to criticize, its just a top notch mag! Great work, Heli Ops.
  12. Heli ops, your all over the place! Nothing yet here in Calgary AB yet. I havn't ever seen your magasine so I'll hopefully give you some input with and open mind. Thanks again for sneding those all off, heli, looking forword to recieveing it.
  13. I know this is a bit off topic.. But, I'm just curious, does this huge high timer shortage mostly apply to the helicopter industory or does the fixed wing industry have the same problem?
  14. It always gets to me when I see "EMS" or "Rescue mission" in the crash description.
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