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  1. A PM would be appreciated with the name. I have e-mailed my friend flying up there and have still not heard back from her.
  2. Here's what it looks like from the inside. This is myself and instructor with a 206 during training. We only did a run on to the grass once. I believe the theory was that even if something is a little risky, it's good to know the capability of the machine if required. Or something to that effect. I just remember laughing like crazy when it was done
  3. Personally, I want to hear about every accident and it's causes. Ideally a first hand account from those involved. Nothing worse than pride getting in the way of knowledge.
  4. I trained with one guy doing his private license. He was about 240 and the c of g and gross weight worked out fine. The problem that the instructor reported was that during auto's, while pulling back to flare, the cyclic actually hit his rather rotund belly! :shock:
  5. If your worried about conservation and the environment this may not be the career for you, lest you get a pang of guilt every hour when you dump another 100 litres of jet in your machine. And that's for a light... it only goes up from there So if you don't want to fly for an oil company or move operators into lease sites... remember, you helped put them there in the first place.
  6. A commercial license is also a tax write off where as a private license is not (to my knowledge). This makes it almost pointless to just get the 60hrs private license.
  7. Personally I would say go make the money and then pay cash for your training. It may be very difficult to make payments on a $50000 loan on what you will be making as a new pilot/groundcrew/indentured servant. You would probably find yourself back in the oilfield to service your debt. The difficult part may be keeping focused on your goal and not going out and partying the money away. I sold my house to pay for my training. While I regret my decision sometimes, not having an oppresive debt load combined with a small paycheck is some comfort and gives me some flexibility when it comes to w
  8. Well, I think I have heard enough of all sides of this arguement. Oddly enough though, it has helped me decide what is for lunch. I'm having KD..... Kraft Dinner.
  9. Well, The once thought impossible has come to pass. Yesterday was the written test and this morning the flight test with respectable scores on each. 15 more hours and I will officially join the ranks of the low time vagabond unemployed pilots union! (hmmm... that could use a catch acronym but it's just not coming to me) I can't think of a fraternity that I would rather join right now! :up: RW
  10. As luck would have it, I'm still insured through SISIP (don't know what it stands for), from my time in the military. Costs me 3 bucks a month for $50,000 (33 yrs old, non smoker). And, being a military policy they don't sweat about the small stuff like flying... or acts of war. Only thing they won't pay for is suicide. Hmmm... on second thought... maybe flying a helicopter isn't covered? RW P.S. I know $50,000 is not much coverage but right now I just need enough to cover the wake :up: I'll boost it when I get a wife and kids. Ahhh, who am I kidding! I'm going to be a heli
  11. Well, so far so good. Am now at the magic halfway point! Yup DR Crash is now at 50 hours! Only another 50 and I will be out scouring the planet for that first job. Chief Pilots tell me how you like your coffee and what kind of donuts to bring (beer and pizza also available on 2nd interview).
  12. LMAO TTF Geez... I can't get anything past you guys
  13. Almost forgot to tell everyone what happened last week! I have been unleashed upon the sky by myself! Mind you .... I guess I never had any problems with the sky... was the terra firma that I had the issue with. Thanks for the support everyone. RW aka Phoenix
  14. Hmmm... I don't know why everyone is giving such a hard time to the guy about bringing his girlfriend along. I bring mine everywhere I go. In fact they are typing this right now! :up: Mental Note: disinfect cyclic and collective with every DI from now on.
  15. Thanks for the words of encouragement guys. Things are getting better. Put in 1.8 today and the pucker factor was only a 9.9. You are absolutely correct when you mentioned it is not a video game. Crashing on flight sim, while cheaper, doesn't even scratch the surface of what a real wreck does to man and machine. I am believing now that this will help me become a better pilot. In fact if it wasn't so **** dumb/dangerous/expensive I would recommend everyone try it. On second thought... just take my word for it. RW aka DR Crash
  16. Well, the lease machine is in the air and wrote off bird has been stripped down to a shell. I've been up for 1.9 since the wreck and I gotta admit the pucker factor is running pretty high :shock: . A little disconcerting when you can look down in a hover (I know keep your eyes out) and see the huge divots in the turf from the last time you were there. I think I'm making progress but my entire mindset seems to have changed. Before while in a hover if you started moving around a bit quickly, or while in a turn if the wind catches you and makes the turn steeper it was fun. The smile got bigger ev
  17. Just a couple of pics of how NOT to park. My appologies to all the operators out there for pushing the insurance rates in the wrong direction. On a side note, the student has fresh clean undies and is ready to fly again. The instructor is healing nicely and should have full movement in both arms in a month or so. At which point the student will surely be given the appropriate beating. RW aka DR Crash
  18. A very valid point Justfly. And from what the instructor and myself can deduce the accident was probably due to a missed interpretation as to what the procedure would be. The conversation went something like this just before the world fell over. Instructor - When the power comes off the machine will move left, correct with the cyclic and right peddle. Student - Ok left, cyclic, right peddle Instructor - 3, 2, 1..... As far as we can tell it was the missed communication both times that caused me to induce the left cyclic. I don't think the instructor had a chance to
  19. Thanks for all the support guys! I've talked with my instructor and he thinks we should be back up and running in a couple of weeks. Albeit with a rented machine and a rented instructor . That will have to do until the original instructor is through his refit. Until then, it is days and days of AIP and CAR and nights and nights of flight sim... I think I will do some practice there where it is a little cheaper (and safer). Feeling better, ready for some airtime :up: RW
  20. Morning folks. I was going to post yesterday but was a little busy and all. I'm the student mentioned. We were both able to walk away so, yes I guess this counts as a good landing. Here's what happened. After a short flight we were practicing hovering. After a few minutes of this the instructor was demonstrating/teaching loss of power in the hover. We had done this the day before as well. I gave too much left cyclic and the instructor was unable to correct me with enough force / in time. In the literal blink of an eye we were on our left side. The instructor took the brunt of
  21. Sweet living! So glad to hear you are now employed Ryan! I thought I may feel a little guilty having you buy me dinner and all without your first heli related job under your belt! No worries about that now! See ya in Sept.
  22. Hmmm.... I think the poll is missing one option. What it also needs is a Dreamer option. Something tells me that is where most of the other 1000 or so would fit in.
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