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  1. Rosco I don't want to be a smart *** or anything but, how would one exactly take it outside when using a computer. I wonder what the exact teminology would be? Point taken sorry about the fish comment.
  2. DT2 why does it always have to be a personal thing with you are you pissed about something or feeling guilt? [deleted by admin]
  3. Skidz I'm sorry but you got the wrong guy. I am exteremely easy to get along with, the dialog that is hear should suggest that I have a willingness to communicate so I can't really see any substance to the argumant or stated words. When I work I do the following things Skidz. I smile I fly the helicopter safely I smile at the customers I say please and thank you and am extremely polite. I may even crack the occaisional joke. I get all my paper work in early. I fill in the log book correctly When I am not on the job I do what ever I like , but mostly stand on
  4. Listen Gambler, There are some very good pilots that are available for work that are Canadian, I don't know where you get your preoccupation or association that a certain personality makes a better or safer or more customer orientated pilot. This make no sense to me at all. I will say it again for the comprehension impaired, The Country is called Canada, its comprized of Canadian Nationals that make up a labour force. When there are skilled Canadians avialable for jobs and they may posses a greater or equal ammount of Job Skills . The Canadian should have preference over the job .
  5. In addition FF, I am not opposed at all that any foreigner who chooses Canada to come and work find a wife get married have children and join the big Canadian Family. No problem, but coming here under the pretense of a working vacation, take sparse seasonal jobs go home spend the winter come back and do it all over again is just unacceptable. Come for visits find a girl friend or boy friend as we must not be intolerant to this and I apologize to duf for a post I and I may have offended his rights. It was wrong. The policy on the issuance of work permits is quite clear and s
  6. FF I have nothing against any one particular pilot who is foriegn or chooses to work in Canada in so far as there are no Canadians that are avialable for the post. Fortunately there are many experienced Canadaian Pilots who are competant and willing to work here. Companies hire foriengers for a variety of reasons both fiscal and other. There will always be a requirement for outside help, but unfortunately there are just "to many" at this point and it reduces opportunities for Canadians that choose as it is there right to do so, to work at home. I understand that you may find it easy
  7. In addition CAP, If you are interested in starting a CULT, I would suggest that there are other places to do so. The Helicopter industry is no such place for cliquee cult type standards. EVERYBODY IS EQUAL..AND HAS THE RIGHT TO WORK IN CANADA IF THEY ARE CANADIAN. ( PERIOD).
  8. Cap , Here we go again with the dicriminatory beliefs, that are not only in violation of the charter of RF section( 3) and (6).... I will say it again for those who are thick and do not read english. ALL PERSONS including pilots with experience who can do thier job safely and smile at customers are employable. Everybody is equal, and no preference should be given based on personality. This is not only the law, its the truth. You are entitled to you opinion howvere, despite the fact that its outdated, which of course is not your fault. Cheers. PS
  9. There are 9 on the current list at 1000+-150 and thats just for western Canada, there are 6 with over 2500, and 2 with over 5000 hrs. And this is only those guys that were brave enough to share the info with me. I have been asked to keep it in complete confidentiality and promissed only to use the names to report to HRDC. I don't blame them they are probably petrified of being BB. I however am not. There are currently 34 active work permits in Western Canada. You should also know that as recently as last week I was refused work at 3 separate companies all stated quite clearly that
  10. Well downwash, The time it takes is what it takes but you can be sure that I am in it for the long haul and todays news is extremely promissing not just for me but in making it alot more diffuclt to get permits approved. There are many 1000, 2000, 3000 hour pilots who fall under the " not worth Hiring definition " only because of discrimiation and overzelous operators with silly littel personality preferences"who couldn't be bothered hiring them simply cause they won't fit the label" Well I'l tell you that this is insulting as and as long as any CANADIAN experienced pilot does h
  11. Breaking news this good Monday morning. Well I have some rather encouraging news from the Minister of HRDC's office after the matter was put to special committee in Ottawa on that matter of issuing work permits to foreigners when there are Canadians available for work. After painstaking work over the last few months to assure the ministers office that HAC had no interests other than to serve its membership who provides "industry information or statistics that support permits or data that HRDC uses to make decisions will be stopped and the policy will be re-examined." In a nut shell t
  12. Well downwash thanks for that information, I was unaware that that the HAC only served the interest of members , who are the industry. I personally think its a bit of a self serving mechanism that would forsake its own, if it meant that the owners club could make an extra buck or two. Say where they supportive of a HEPAC? Hmmm. PS
  13. Just out of curiosity, but who are the HAC technical experts that deal directly with TC to get things changed to suit members? What other positive mandate does this group have to fix things on behalf of non members or for the good of the industry as a whole? If a CB pops one would think that a precautionary landing and investigation is always a good idea. My entire career, until it ended... I always made a point of landing on most all problems, after all its seems to me that it's safer to deal with things on the ground unless there is simply no place to set down for a few minutes.
  14. If bell buys an order of aluminum form a plant and there are serious flaws that lead to structural difficulties they can then go back to the manufacturer of the product to seek damages. The maufacturer certifies the quality of the material. It's the same thing for the Kapton insulation, that has been used for decades as it is light weight. When the pressure was put on Dupont after the Swiss air flight , Dupont screamed bloody murder and did everything they could to stop what they called misinformation that the french had discovered during testing. Some how the whole matter was put to
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