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  1. I carry one of these most everywhere I go. I cut it down so it is more portable, but the f.ckin thing makes a lot more noise. But that really does not make much difference because it gets the work done real fast. It's doubtful if I could get a permit to carry but that is only paper work so who needs it. Rev.
  2. I have flown in all the countries surrounding Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Benin but never had the opportunity to venture into Nigeria. Africa is an experience that must be lived to appreciate, after a while it grows on you. Did 13 trips to Africa and have seen most of the continent and it has been well worth while...**** I even lived to tell about it. Will be heading down to South Africa again soon to finish one last commitment. So if you want adventure, go to Africa. Stay away from the night fighters. Rev. Chas...
  3. I do it because to get into heaven I must convert someone. It is my mission to convert Hurler. And by doing so bring peace and contentment into his life. Rev. Chas W.
  4. Quote John Moore: " We all know that helicopter pilots in particular push weather horribly and will use any excuse for ‘giving it a try to see what happens’." John I'm not politically correct and quite frankly I feel that anyone who makes such a blanket statement deserves a swift kick in the nuts. I'm easy to find if you don't like my attitude. www.pbyflighttraining.com
  5. Easy on Hurler guys, I'm working on saving him from himself... When I have him completely converted and annointed he is going to be my union dues and tithe collector. Reverend Chas W. ( RCWB )
  6. Hurler, I have to head back over to Europe the second week in March. Would you be interested in my annointing you as a disciple of mine and put you in charge of collecting tithes, offerings and of course union dues for RCWB? Take a breath here from your union only vision and look at mine, just do the math Hurler the more pilots we convert the more tithe we collect and 10% of their gross pay soon adds up. The best part is it is legal and we never have to worry about any of our brethern returning from the dead to sue us for fraud. There you go tiger get that one in your teeth
  7. What ever happened to M.gS.al? Should I include him in my prayers? Rev. C.W.
  8. I will be holding a prayer meeting on March 01/06 for all the underprivelaged and dehumanized members of the aviation community. Please send your cash gifts to support this ministry to Reverend Chas W. president and founder of RCWB your best choice of union and salvation all in one. By the way I will send you a tax receipt for supporting this humaniterian cause... ...me I don't have to pay taxes as it falls under relegion. Rev C.W.
  9. Quote: " I don't agree with doing away with the PPC, I think any pilot that's faced with an annual pass or fail scenario will take the books a little more seriously. We may not like it but the idea should be to keep the standards up. " The PPC is another one of TC's ongoing rule making products. There was a time when the Chief Pilots of companies were the ones that decided the profficiency or lack thereof in each company. That had the advantage of being a full time year round checks and balances on safety and proficiency of crews. The PPC is a known one time a year e
  10. " We've heard talk about this for a while. I've also heard the change is to protect TC from liability i.e. bending someones aircraft while doing a PPC. " Who is liable when they bend their own? Rev Chas W. President... RCWB... the "only" true pilots union.
  11. Quote from Hurler: " Do you suppose that if a person where actually useless TC would pass then on a flight test or written exam- I think not. " They would be more likely to hire them Hurler and put them in top management. :up:
  12. I have been in the aviation business long enough to see a need for a different kind of union / association, so I am all for this idea. We need the RCWB ( Reverend Charlas W. Brotherhood. ) You join my union_ religion and I will not only guarantee you better pay, less work and freedom form being dehumanized by your employer I will offer you eternal salvation in the after life. ( At a !0% tithe in addition to your union dues. ) The only reason pilots and engineers have been unable to band together is because they are seperated by distance and work schedules that do not allow prop
  13. Further to my previous comment on this issue, I would like to state clearly that I in no way agree with, condone nor support any institution or individual that uses anyone unfairly to extort money out of them with slippery business practices. The aviation industry is rife with slick conn artists who take advantage of the dreams of young people who desperately want to fly for a living. In the case being discussed here I have my own suspicions of what is going on, however my knowlege of the true situation is not enough to really take a definitive position. Having said that my firs
  14. " Turns out they have a bad history with TC. Not only the school, but the owner also has TC issues. " This could be a plus in that case. Just because someone has issues with TC does not necessarily mean that person is in the wrong..... ...sometimes it is the other way around, in fact more often than people think. When dealing with Transoprt Canada it has been my experience that I am dealing with a mentality at the top that is more of a danger to me and my business than being approached by street thugs. So I would suggest you be careful with how you view " having issu
  15. " Charles you are exactly the type of people we are glad to have out the Canadian helicopter industry. You obviously know everything already, so you are right the course wouldn't do someone like yourself any good. " Klipper I understand your reaction and would just like to alay any fear you have of me corrupting your world of aviation in Canada. I work and fly overseas and quite frankly they have an even more regulated by morons enviorment than you do in Canada, but with your help and without mine you are soon going to be just as handcuffed by rules and regulations for the sake of ru
  16. Forgive me for being way out of touch with aviation in Canada. Are you guys now required to take courses in how to think by TC? Thank God I no longer have to work in such an environment where you are given a license and then can't use it to earn a living unless you take courses in how to think. I wonder how I ever survived without one of those courses? Rev C.W.
  17. Boy, I have finally lived long enough to read pilots actually discussing flying helicopters in ceilings below 1000 feet and arguing about some idiot making this a policy. Stunning stuff gang, keep at it cause I am truly facinated by this. Rev. Chas. W.
  18. I was looking around through my stuff and found some licenses... ...The most simple one is my US license it just says ..All airplanes single and multi engine land and sea...Helicopters and Gyroplanes... My first training flight was in a Cessna 140 June 23 1953, my last flight as a crew member was in a Boeing 767-300 ER. on Sept. 04 /05. Lets see I hold authority to instruct under South African CAA, Australian CASA, JAA in Europe and last but not least I hold a valid Airdisplay Pilot Authorization JAA with no restrictions... and it means jack #### to me because I have been i
  19. " Your ideas are well-intended I'm sure, but you better do your "due diligence" on an area first before you venture forth again, lest you look and sound like fools. " It is simply amazing to me that such idiotic ideas actually are proposed ...then I guess when one examines the way aviation is headed there will be more and more morons telling all you poor souls how to fly. As far as safety goes I have thousands and thousands of hours flying in weather below 1000 feet and never put a scratch on an aircraft, how in **** does anyone think we managed to fly in the high arctic for decades
  20. When Don tried to form an association for helicopter pilots I was willing to support it financially with whatever the fee was because even though I no longer am actually flying in the industry I am all to well aware that without an association the industry will be at the mercy of those who know sweet phuck all about what is really needed. On the other hand why should I or any of the people who have been in this industry before some of you were born really give a **** about you getting shafted because you are to stupid to understand what in **** the industry really is all about... ...
  21. The RAF 2000 is the industry leader in killing its occupants. Go to this forum and read what the RAF 2000 really is. http://www.rotaryforum.com/forum Chas W.
  22. For those of you who are not familiar with Gyroplanes this machine has been killing pilots now for over a decade. It is made by a company in Canada and they have no background in aerodynamics or flight training and are unwilling to change the design, so the RAF 2000 just keeps killing people. The problem is the machine has a vertial C of G offset of around 12 inches above the propellor thrust line. All it takes to power pushover ( Bunt ) is for the pilot to get into PIO ( Pilot induced oscillation ) or fly into a down thermal strong enough for the thrust produced by the propello
  23. Quote : " the way i see it, changes happen everyday in life. from what kind of beer you drink, to what the weather does. in all cases you make the best of it and cope. " And the way I see it I'm with Cap, the time for me to quit aviation has come mostly due to morons passing rules and policies that are idiotic. So I am leaving aviation to those who are idiot enough to swallow this crap. I officially retired from flying the airshow circuit in Europe this fall mostly due to the politics that allow total morons to dictate what we do. So screw aviation and those all the p
  24. Hey gang, I'm not doing much this winter and have a lot of experience dealing with cretins in positions of self preceived power. So have them cotact me and I'll find out if they can find their ***** with a set of moose antlers. Man I am so happy I don't have to put up with this crap anymore...I thought those idiots in forestry were bad. Rev..
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