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  1. It depends a lot on who you are flying for. The last movie I flew in was by Mirimax about a submarine in WW2. The movie opens with a PBY finding a raft on the ocean. Mirimax was superb to work for, the money was really good and paid on time. The people we worked with treated us ( A PBY crew and the Helicopter crew. ) great. At no time were we under pressure to fly and safety was paramount. You can get the movie at the video rental stores it is called "Below" and is worth renting just to see the PBY shots, the movie is actually quite good also. Oh, the credits are at the end of
  2. Lets see, favourites...Hmmmm don''t know. Most unusual and also nice... Fixed wing: Mooney Mite. Rotorcraft: McCulloch J-2... Received my Commercial Rotorcraft Gyroplane on it, it was a very interesting machine. What gives me the biggest rush...A Bell 204- 205 whap, whapping towards me wherever I am. Chas W. ( Reverend )
  3. Good morning gang: On page 38 of April 2003 there is a very enlightening story on abuse of power by an FAA FISDO Supervisor. Y''all should read the story and reflect on the effects of this kind of arrogarance by Civil Servants who abuse their authority. Does it happen here in Canada? You want to believe it. Read the last paragraph to better understand how the system works in the FAA, is it any different in TC? Chas W. .. The Right Reverend..
  4. Oh **** I posted this in the wrong place!!!! Can you move it Kyle...Please. Chas....Stupid Chas...
  5. Biggles: I still hope to get to the Beaver Fri. at 19:00. I see on the other site you are going to be an "exibitor" down east, are you an exibitionist? The Reverend Chas W.... Transport Canadas favourite "Customer"
  6. A few more hints. If you are doing it at a flight school ask for the instructors background and actual flight experience on tailwheel airplanes. If the instructors experience is only instructing on them and no experience outside of a flight school you may be receiving poor tailwheel instruction due to his / her lack of practical experience. Ask to see the training syllabus and note what type of landing instruction they feel is most important, if they concentrate on three point full stall landings and do not teach wheel landings as the preferred method, go somewhere else because they
  7. Bullet R: Can you get fish and brews with scruncions at that restaurant? Chas W. ( Dr. of Divinity. )
  8. The taking a leak story prompts me to tell mine. I was spraying tobacco with a Hughes 300 and stopped to relieve myself, the farmers daughter came into view and I quickly turned sideways to hide my pride and joy and whacked it into the tail rotor, now its a more manageable size. The reverend Chas W.
  9. Sakism: If forty five hours is "more than enough" to teach thme all they need to know, then what is the problem? How come the adverage is 75 hours? Is it because the students of today are somehow dumber than the students several generations ago? It would be nice if more instructors would share their thoughts on why we learned to fly in 30 hours and it now takes 75 hours. What I want to know is why I find that a great many of the licensed pilots who I give advanced flight training to have trouble with simple things like x/wind landings and basic airplane handling skills?
  10. This thread was about inexperienced instructors vs. experienced instructors. When I learned to fly I received my private license in 30 hours, the instructors were both relatively inexperienced and experienced. The airplanes were tailwheel Cessna 140''s and Fleet Canucks. Todays trainers are Cessna 150''s 172''s piper Cherokes etc. So if the airplanes I learned on were not easier to fly why does it take so much more time to get a Private License today? I trained at Toronto Island Airport with a control tower so it was not in an uncontrolled enviorement. The time required to
  11. SFC: Do a google search under "Iridium" they make a small handheld. I have been using a sat. phone since 1996 for ferrying aircraft. Sat. phone beats the **** out of HF anywhere on the planet, it is worth its weight in diamonds out over the ocean or in the center of the Saharah desert when you need quick clear communications. Chas W.
  12. Hey Bullet: When you get a good TC inspector you treasure him / her like it is diamonds, because a good one allows you to earn a living without suffering for weeks or months waiting for correct paper work ( in both official languages of course. ) We are in the short strokes now with a PBY here in Nanaimo just finishing up some major mods under the LSTC route through a DAR. Seems we have a good team to work with so maybe, maybe I will get this one out of my hair soon, unless I kill myslf trying to figure out how to do the test flight. Anyhow all the best with your new Inspec
  13. Bullet: Did you describe them in both official languages? Maybe that is the problem. Chas W.
  14. So what is the answer to getting the student through the course in 45 hours? As far as the cost difference between 45 hours and 75 hours that would pay the instructor quite nicely wouldn''t it? Here is a question for you. There was a time when the private license was 30 hours, all the airplanes were tailwheel and most students received their licenses in around the 30 hour time frame. Why could it be done then and not now with more simple airplanes to train on? Why 75 hours now and 30 hours then? Chas W.
  15. Flythenumbers: I am sorry I can''t follow your thoughts on instructing. Good instructors require the talent to teach, however to be a good instructor you must understand the subject. There are just to many poor instructors in flying schools to day, poor because their instructors did not understand the subject as they both have no experience in having actually flown commercially. And I must point out the subject is not writing exams, rather it is understanding how to fly the airplane. Now once again lets take my simple question about tailwheel airplanes. These are
  16. Of course experience means very little, that is why low time pilots just jump into complex airplanes and teach, its because of their superior natural abilities. After all who needs experience when you are talented. Speaking of experience how many instructors are qualified to teach on something really basic like tailwheel airplanes. Chas W.
  17. Maybe more experienced instructors would get the student through in 45 hours instead of 75 hours? Charles W.
  18. Starling: Why would you "always" do a weight and balance? I can''t see any need to do a W&B unless there is a need, such you have reason to suspect you may be close to gross weight, or the envelope may be out of limits. But to "always" do one is a waste of time. Chas W.
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