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  1. I thought someone would comment on my use of a new term. Rev
  2. I had a R22 Mariner in my flight school some moons ago and it was a fun machine. I did not really get to do much water landing but enough to know that you must be very careful hovering with no wind as there is no way to see movement sideways, backwards, etc. without something to judge movemment by such as close to the shore or a bouy or some such thing a dymamic f.ck up is easy to perform. Rev.
  3. Why do losses in aircraft seem to go deeper than deaths in other vehicles? I guess it must be because we fly because we want to , and we drive because we have to. Sad news again for our group. Chuck E.
  4. And you could afford to buy Margaret a whole new leather outfit...
  5. Sorry to get a little off topic here, but did you ever get that forklift you wanted 412 driver?
  6. 67N : Yeh, looking back on some of these trips I forget the bad parts of being in the long haul ferry business. When I get really bored I check the weather at some of the more difficult routes that we fly, the most difficult being the North Atlantic due to the terrain and quickly changing weather. I was going through my e-mail when I got home after four monthe away and there was one from a guy in California telling me that one of the North Atlantic ferry pilots had been killed in Greenland a few months after we were talking in Wick Scotland. He had hired the ferry pilot to fly h
  7. Just heard about a helicopter down near Duncan, CKNW said several ambulances on the way to site... ..lets hope it is not a bad one. Chas. W.
  8. Out of Africa - Four days in a Cat - By Chuck Ellsworth Day One The sun was just rising as I finished scraping the frost off the windshield of the P.B.Y. Catalina with a credit card. This is not the picture one would have of Africa, however it is Thursday July 22/99 and it is winter in Johannesburg. After eighteen days trying to find the cause of a high oil temperature in our right engine and fixing some other mechanical problems the decision has been made to leave so as to have a chance of making the Oshkosh Airshow. Today's flight will be six and half-hours to Lilongwe Malawi
  9. Bladethrow... " DN from the PRregional office has been in touch and I will be sure to post any information as it comes in. " If you are refering to the same DN that I think you are, tape every word, have several witness. If he handles your case anything like he did mine you will never get fair treatment, and when you go higher you will really get screwed.. ..then again there are different ways of judging things, what I or any person with any sense of honesty and integrity would consider dishonesty, DN and those above him consider "Quite Satisfactory " **** I have it
  10. Rosco : I have talked to Bladethrow on the phone at length. May I suggest that we give him some room here as I do not think it will be of any advantage to him or us to go any further into this at this point in time.. In otherwords for the good of all of us lets not aggrivate him as he has had enough already...he needs time. Chuck E....
  11. " Hang on. weren't you just describing your "technological limitations" on another thread ? " Yes, I am tecnologically challenged with computer jargon and clicking the proper " click areas " GPS receivers on the other hand are programmed for pilots and have been dummed down to our level... ...even the fly by wire aircraft such as Airbus are nothing more than a flying video game are dummy proofed so pilots can play them... ..the most demanding part of flying the " Nintindo " generation of airplanes is programming the FMS, and that is not really that hard as dispatch clearl
  12. The biggest issue in which GPS unit to buy is what do you want to do with it? If it is terrain mapping there are quite a few units that are awsome for map reading..in fact I still use an older Airmap 300 that uses a mapping chips that is as good or better than an aviation map. I have chips or cartriges for most of Canada and eastern Europe plus part of Africa...and they are excellent for map reading. My favourite GPS is the Anywheremap system running on an Ipac...I have two of them. You not only have GPS but a computer that fits in your shirt pocket. So the most important thing
  13. How about a councelling catergory for all the nut cases that post here? :up: Rev...
  14. I kinda lean towards the PFD's in the Airbus, nice and big, beautiful colors, lots of information and you can get the other pilot to type whatever you want into the FMS so all you need do is just admire the thing and watch it work.. Yeh, thats the way to go... Rev..
  15. Yeh, Cap looking back on the roller coaster ride that aviation has been I sometimes wonder if I was all that smart trying to do it legal and safe.... Mind you there was a time in the begenning when I like most in the business pushed the limits and ignored the rules to a point...remember the good old days when we only had two seats in a Beaver and the tourists just climbed in on top of the load.... Anyhow for me the big change in attitude came when I flew for Austin Airways and I finally made it to left seat on the 3's and PBY's....I finally put it all together and decided to actually
  16. I was flying for Athabaska Airways, the job however did not last long, just a little over two weeks. I had just come back from Santiago Chile and Floyd Glass called me and asked me if I would go up and fly the Twin Otter, I told him sure but he should take into consideration that I would not carry overloads and I would not push weather or fly with unsafe maintenance issues. Naturally he agreed and said that was what he wanted. Anyhow after I got to Johnston Point the usual problems started, the big one being that I was transporting explosives in fifty pound boxes which were easy to
  17. " I've got one shaped like a mosque that calls you to prayer, but had to steal that one. " Hey, thats interesting because I have one of those too except I had to buy mine in a store on the Madina Road in Jeddah, nothing like prayers being blasted over the loudspeakers all over the city at five AM to start your day... except maybe wandering up the street at 10 AM on Friday morning to see how many unfortunates they are beheading this week..in front of the Mosque of course.... Chas. W.
  18. I really am lucky because due to the nature of the flying that I do I was required to take the JAR / JAA recurrent CRM and PDM course to maintain my authority to fly transport cat. aircraft carrying passengers in Europe. I now am very safe and far better qualified to get along with my crew members and I need never fear making the wrong decisions after learning all the Mumbo Jumbo Voo Doo buzz words to describe bad decision making... ..so I can now proudly brag that I having somehow survived all those bad days in aviation before big brother decided to teach us how to get along and how
  19. Yeh, and it will have a Canadian flavour...we could title it.. "How I found true happiness humping squaws along the Yukon " Great idea huh? Rev...
  20. Mornin Transgue... Yeh, I was going to write a whole bunch of stories but the pilot part of my being gets the better of me and I shrink from work... ...Where did you read Arcturus? Did you read the one about flying the Cat through Africa? Rev.....
  21. " so what was your 1st helicopter flying job?? " Aerial applicating in Windsor Ont flying the mighty Hughes 300.... I really lucked in they needed someone with an aerial application license to apply for their OC, so they paid me to get my helicopter license, I did it in Detroit with an American instructor in a Canadian Hughes 269 with a manual rotor engagement... ..things were more lax in those days and the cross training from fixed to rotating wings was 25 hours.....and my instructor was a real magician because he figured that I could set a new record for him and he soloed me i
  22. A few years ago I was going to write a book about flying, but only wrote a few short stories... ...anyhow here is one about my first job in aviation.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Tobacco Fields - By Chuck Ellsworth For generations the farmers of southern Ontario have planted cared for harvested and cured tobacco in a small area on the northern shores of lake Erie. Our part in this very lucrative cash crop was aerial application of fertilizers and pesticides better known as crop dusting. At t
  23. Thanks Rosco: Man it was a long tough summer, I spent more hours twisting wrenches than flying. But there were some perks with the job and we ( my bed mate and I ) made several side trips during the summer. We went to Germany and Poland for ten days, then several weeks later spent a week in Luxor Egypt...then a couple of days at Lake Como in Italy and just before I left did a trip down to Turkey in the jump seat of a 767 with two of the guys I fly with... ...and I also flew the DC3 again and it was just like I'd never got out of one, funny how quick these things come bac
  24. I have no idea who the author of this little gem is, but whoever it is he / she at least has some insite into some of the problems that aviation has. Quote: " We all know about the recent reported corruption at the Transport Canada Pacifc region office. " What else do you expect when the ones at the top would not be accepted in the Hells Angles due to a lack of morals? Transport Canada management is an embarrasement to any civilized society. There I'm back and have not changed one bit. :up: The Reverend C.W.
  25. Hours flown is not a very good measure of how safe or skilled any pilot is. I teach high time pilots as a living and trust me some of them are really inept, however they have somewhere along the way managed to pass the minimum standards. Get used to new rules and new requirements dreamed up by people who in many instances were unable to meet the very standards they now set for others. In Europe it is getting so bizzare that it is almost entertaining trying to guess what they will come up with next. Age is another poor benchmark of ability, again in Europe once you pass 60 y
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