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  1. Well troops I'm finally home, it's been a long summer. I managed to fly several different aircraft this summer, A DC3 and a Super Decathalon for the aerobatics stuff, and I got 12 hours of Boeing 767 time with two of the guys that fly with me in the Cat...f.ck the jets are... B O R I N G ... about the only interesting thing was a clear night at FL410 down to Turkey and back...but still Boring, boring, boring... :angry: Oh joy oh joy I got to enter the trip back to Amsterdam in the FMS, Jeeses ( a religeous description ) I cant imagine how these guys can do that day after day....
  2. Hi Barney, my biggest problem is I'm to healthy and they won't let me quit this flying thing. Yesterday was a real long day, first off in the morning we did the PBY type rating ride for one of the airline pilots and to celebrate he asked me if I would like to go to Turkey with him in the evening, **** in todays world getting permission to fly in the cockpit in any jet is very unusual so naturally I said yes....first we had a three hour delay at Schipohl while they fixed a hydraulic problem, then we had another forty five minute delay in Bodrum Turkey because of a drunk that had to be remo
  3. Hey, Kyle it's far to late for me to change. :up: This weekend was a zoo with the Netherlands Aerobatic contest being held here at the airport that we are based at. Burt Huizenga the guy that I fly with won the unlimited again for the fifteenth time in a row, I just told him a few hours ago that he had better hope that I don't get time to practice or I'll take it away from him soon...the problem with that game is four things money, time, money and time...of which I only have money.. :up: :up: Actually I just checked and I don't have the money either... :shock: Seriously I
  4. Well gang its 2 A.M. and I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep so here I am on the lap top again and thought I may as well give you an update on my summer. Last week I had my six month medical done in Amsterdam and it was quite a bit more in depth than a Canadian one, no less than three doctors probed me to determine if I can still see lightening and hear thunder. By the way it is also more expensive here, paid 218 Euro ( $ 3.20.00 Canadian ) actually my employeer paid. I offered them one thousand Euro each if they could fail me so I could get the f.. out of aviation but alas when
  5. Being away from home can be depressing sometimes, especially when you have nothing to do, the secret is find something to entertain yourself. I have been away from home since May 22 this year and sometimes get quite fed up with this life style. For instance it is now 1:10 in the morning and obviously im looking for something to pass time until I get sleepy enough to go to bed. This summer I managed to do some things that I have always wanted to do between airshows and giving type rating instruction. My wife came over to Holland and we took the train to Poland and visited th
  6. Can anyone tell me why you very seldom see passengers wearing crash helmets? Rev.
  7. The truth is every high time experienced pilot started working for some company with 0 hours of commercial flying experience. Its sort of the chicken and the egg senario. By the way that old argument about which came first the chicken or the egg is simple, it was the rooster. Rev.. C.W.
  8. Thank God, for a few moments there I was concerned about you.
  9. Maybe you should set fire to the Edmonton AFS office then? :up: Any good aerial suppresion crew should understand that sometimes you have to fight fire with fire, just call it backburning to make it sound professional. :up: Rev. C.W..... a retired aerial suppresion professional.
  10. Hover-Pig : When you were singing your praises of TC and all their innovative leaps foward to improve aviation you forgot to mention CAR's. :up: Rev.
  11. " One would think that the wizards at TC " O.K. I guess I have been out of Canada for to long. When did TC hire wizzards to run their show? Or better yet do they now have intelligent, productive, rational, and most important morally decent people in charge? Jeesses one never knows when things will change. So if TC now have top notch productive management in place all you Canadians are finally getting a break in that area. C.W.
  12. p.s. If I have to sleep in a pup tent, then the forestry officer that tells me to do so is going to spend the night in the said tent as well!!! Hmmmm, I guess in this new age era everyone is allowed their own preferences when it comes to who you sleep with, but when we flew fires we found bed partners outside of the AFS managerial pool.. I still say set fire to their camp, problem solved. Rev.
  13. AFS was one of the most pre Neandrathal man forest services in Canada, looks like their newest generation is still inbred from the same gene pool. In the mid seventies those pricks refused to let us eat in the cook house in Footner Lake when we were on fires, after the second day of that crap we made a great big sign about twenty feet long and called the CBC news media and went on strike. The sign read "On Strike, Footner Lake Inhumane." All **** broke loose when it hit the newspapers and they were forced to take me back on the bomber group because of all the publicity surround
  14. " The question is.......does that actually happen in that way or does "creative bookkeeping" come into play? " There was a time when a persons honesty was what determined his / her destiny in aviation. Sadly since government drones are now outnumbering the worker bees and the only contribution they can make is paper work "creative bookkeeping " has taken over and is now driving almost everything in aviation. How many wrench pullers now spend more time pushing paper than pulling wrenches? And has all that paper work made us safer? Rev. C.W.
  15. Yeh, I have been outside working in the front yard and got to thinking about how many forestry management I could remember who were real intelligent hard workers... who you could depend on to keep things running productively.... note the word...productively... ....when I think of any I'll get back to you... Maybe some of you out there can trigger my memory?
  16. " Pretty hard to ignore them when a lot of customers demand the Hobbs reading on each flight ticket! i.e. forestry " Yes that is for sure an important consideration, especially when forestry is just crammed with some of the worlds deepest thinkers. :up: Rev.
  17. Well I've been trying to decide how I feel about analog vs. digital. After much thought and closing my eyes to go back...way back in time I have decided that analog on the instruments gave me the best feeling for how the machine was working...and deep in the night far up in the vast Arctic digital felt best, it may have been lonley but I could make it as tight as I wanted. :up: As always...the Rev.
  18. Cap. No mine is a marine flare gun it is made of hard composites with a three inch barrel and fires 12 guage red flares.... ... I pack it in my check in baggage when travelling and never had it found yet. Now that they have sniffers for explosives it is getting more difficult to carry the flare shells , for sure I would not put them in carry on baggage... ...now if I were to go back to Africa I guess I would declare the shells in my checked baggage and hope they would allow them as survival equipment, in the worst case they could only confiscate them as I have declared wha
  19. Funny thing, just a couple of days ago my owner was house cleaning and put a stack of papers in front of me and asked me to see if there were any I wanted to keep...damned if my old permit to carry a 357 magnum wasen't in the pile and of course I'll keep it. I always carried the 357 in a holster when flying in the Arctic, it became no different than putting on my parka or carrying condoms for protection. But my very favourite weapon that I have had in an airplane was the two Browning 50 caliber machine guns that the British military lent us and we had mounted in the PBY when we did
  20. Over-Talk : Hmmmm..sometimes the pilot side of my personality takes control and I type stuff that I hadn't really clearly thought out. "I use the Canadian passport because I own the f.c.in thing ........" Chas, I'll bet your NEW passport says on page 1 that "This Passport is the Property of The Government of Canada......." So here is the correction: I use the Canadian passport because I paid for the thing. And I have paid for four of them since I started flying overseas.....I can't believe the number of stamps in them, jeeseses I must of flown a lot of hours
  21. Yeh, I meant to say "Does Not " intimidate easily, I should read what the f..I type before I hit the submit key. Chas ( I can't add Reverend because of the bad word I just partially typed. )
  22. I would like to clear up a little annoyance I had last month on this forum. From Elvis : Veteran Member Group: Senior Member Posts: 891 Joined: 10-March 03 From: Graceland Member No.: 33 Maybe the devil will issue you're next passport when the one you have now expires Sorry for the comment Charles W. but I am proud of my Canadian identy. I received my new passport yesterday, it was issued exactly as I had expected, there were no questions regarding my alligence to Canada or any of the moral degenerates that get elected to run the coun
  23. Cap, funny you should mention our illoustrious Regional Manager of M&M . . The latest roumor that I have is now that he has fixed both the Edmonton and Vancouver M&M departments Don Sherritt and Merlin P. have decided to move **** to Winnipeg to fix that Region.... ...Rev
  24. " ok, ok... so it's not realistic... you and chuck will start pointing out w&b, drag, fuel/payload degredation... now you 2 got me thinking like you 2!!! " Hey Cap...look at this one by twinstar....we are finally influnceing the troops in a positive way.. :up: :up: Any chance any of our thoughts will make inroads into some of the TC types who really need a tune up mentally? Twinstar, next time you go to work ask for a raise..tell em Cap and Chuck have been working on you.. :up: ....should be worth a couple of thousand dollars a month more at least.... Rev.
  25. I flew a Super Cub for Freddie Carmichael that was CF-GOD. Then there was the two airplanes in Edmonton CF-SEX and CF-FUN. The most C's I ever flew was a Chilean PBY CCCCS. Rev.
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