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  1. I got my first confined space demo with John out of King City in a Bell 47, John stayed in helis and I drifted around in the fixed wing thing. Marion Orr was another of my instructors as well as Molly Beale ( Riley ) next year I start my 52nd year in this industry and have allowed myself to be talked into competing in the unlimited aerobatics contests in Europe. One of the pilots that I type rated in the Cat this summer owns an aerobatic flight school and has given me his Pitts S2B to compete with, I just couldn't turn it down as I am getting it for cost and it is his top machine used
  2. King City? **** you guys are all newbies, how about Barker field? Is John still flying? and can he still fly a B47? Chas. W.
  3. Nomex : Thanks for the link, later today I shall see if I can click my way through the process. I was in Holland most of the summer doing type rating training on a PBY and flying as an air display pilot in airshows. Chas W.
  4. I'm finally back from Holland and my summer went very well. Anyone know what I need to do to post a picture or two? Reverend Chas w.
  5. ASL : Yes I do have strong opinions on these problems. My opinions are based on having been in the business for over fifty years and having had to take TC into Federal court to force them to back me up in my position as Chief Pilot for an airline among other things. You see the problem with enforcement of the law within TC is political considerations very often get in the way of real enforcement. So I would be more than pleased to try and share my thoughts and give some suggestions on how TC can better perform their " duty " as the regulator. But first allow me to ask
  6. Yeh, Twinstar_ca , I figured you had forgotten or were not aware that there was freezing rain falling while the airplane was on the ground. With a little searching you will find that the Cessna Caravan is very unforgiving of frost or ice on the wings and tail. Sorry if I sounded like a jerk the way I answered, but I just get so **** frustrated when I think of all the people who have died in this industry due to pushing the limits. And what really gets me most is listening to all the hand wringing and wesealing by the authorities as they try to deflect any responsibility. I
  7. Wing boots would be useless in a case where an airplane had been sitting in freezing rain. The real problem here is the hypocrisy between the meaning of rules, such as pertaining to overloads and attempting flight with an airplane contaminated by freezing rain and the way aviation has been regulated for decades with regard to these safety rules. The poor pilot is torn between unemployment if he/she refuses to fly or rolling the dice once again due to peer pressure from pilots who will and profit pressure from employeers. It is very easy to read CAR's and smugly state that those
  8. Interesting. I wonder if the freezing rain had anything to with this accident?
  9. Deep throat: I think you missed the piont. The point being a smart pilot uses everything at his / her disposal when flying rather than depending on one thing, such as GPS for positional awareness. The problem in todays flying world is the "smart" teachers are few and far between. And I agree that to many people can afford airplanes that are far smarter than they are and the airplane flys them to eternity with a big bang at the end. Rev.
  10. Cap : You are not alone in your beliefe about maps. We carry three portable GPS units when flying ferry flights, however at least one of us and sometimes two of us also have a map that we enter our position on every twenty five miles...even in the Sahara Desert. With three GPS units it is unlikely we would not have GPS navigation....but....why chance it when it is so easy to confirm with a map? Rev.
  11. Rosco, Biggles and all the rest of you : Thanks for the kind words. I owe a lot of my newfound sucess to members of this group for helping me to get back on track after the loss of my company a few years ago. I especially wish to thank CTD for his wise words to me pointing out that negative thinking would eventually destroy my mental health, and I still had much to offer aviation. If only he knew how close I had come. It is strange that a member of the same organazation that caused my depression was instrumental in jolting me back to reality. Then of course common sense re
  12. Ahhh the Radio Range and listening to stations on the AM radio late at night while flying lost in the high Arctic..... I wrote a story about getting lost in the Arctic called " Arcturus ( The britest star in the constellation Bootes. ) the missing hours and fate " .....that was due to a mistake I made with the Astro compass. When I got my instrument rating we had to know how to read morse code....now it seems that some of the pilots out there don't know how to read period. Ahhh the wonder of it all, especially the getting to old part, just the other day I was playing with m
  13. Yup...that's it Elvis.... Thanks.. By the way do you ever sleep, or do you have a computer in your bed? Anyhow it is not often that you will see a picture like that of two of aviations greatest airplanes restored and flying in formation for public entertainment. Any idea of where CTD and Biggles went? Thank's again for the link. Rev C.W.
  14. Elvis, my son....would you be kind enough to put PH PBY into Google search, then click on aviation photos PH PBY and the third picture down is the formation break from the DC3 that I am talking about. When you enlarge that on your computer it is a neat shot. P.S. in the first picture in the link you put here the Pitts inverted...PH PEP is the machine that I am using to see if I can get good enough to compete in the unlimited catagory... Thanks in advance for your help my son..the Reverend Chas W.
  15. I share the same dissapointment at the lack of respect that a lot of the new generation have for their colleauges. I also miss reading posts by people like CTD and biggles. It was a long summer away from home for me just like many of you and now that we may have more time for sharing our love of aviation lets get some of our friends back. Chuck Ellsworth
  16. Lets see if I can post a link here. http:www.airliners.net/search/pho...inct entry=true If that works you can see a real neat picture of the Cat doing a formation break at the Lelystad airshow on Sept.04/04. I have some more pictures of the formation we flew with the DC3 and will post them soon. If the link works enlarge the picture as it is quite neat. Rev. C.W.
  17. I'm back from Holland and will contribute my thoughts every now and then. And you don't have to respect me because it wouldn't matter anyhow. :up: I have started two new projects. First I am going to take a crack at competing in the world aerobatics contest, I have started already with one of Europes best in a Pitts S2B, I want to see if someone my age can do it. The second project is I bought a Super Cub frame and am going to make a PA11 clone out of it with amphib floats and use it to teach new pilots how to fly in the bush. I am not doing it for money, I just want
  18. Hey guys, tomorrow I am coming back to Canada I can't wait to get home. And to add to my excitement I see we have a Transport Minister that can read...Wow things have really changed since I left. :up: Rev. C.W.
  19. Hey Twotter, remember when you pray five times a day now you must face East not West. I am leaving Holland tomorrow, its been a long summer, can't wait to get home. Chuck
  20. Security? Hmmm depends on the place and the people, I have been to so many countries lately that I can't remember them but the security check thing is really from one extreem to the other. Quite frankly I think it is mostly a political knee jerk that has evolved into parkinsons disease. But my latest experience with security was really baffeling, going through security on the way over here ( Holland ) in Vancouver this trip I arrived at security and for the first time in memory there was no line up. Well I thought finally I get to go through without taking all day, hah, lot
  21. Hi troops: I am sitting here in Holland in the hotel room bored to death. Then I got to reading this thread. Two comments. (1) I also have very little formal schooling but seem to get by quite nicely. (2) If you guys let Tachbox in your group hug be careful, he has an anal fixation, so don't let him get in behind you. Rev. C.W.
  22. My two week holiday has ended. I am off to Amsterdam again tomorrow. The Cat was in for its paint job and should be ready to fly again by monday. I have no idea how long I will be gone this time. there are now six pilots to train, the Dutch CAA is getting one of their inspectors trained to fly it. Will maybe post some pictures when I get over there...............especially of the Connie that I hope to get to fly, at least enough to have experienced the ultimate piston pounder ever made. :up: Rev. C. W.
  23. I was fortunate to have started in aviation before flying became a very complex and difficult art to learn. I did my Canadian commercial helicopter conversion in Detroit Michigan in a Canadian registered Hughes 269A with an American flight instructor. It was in 1964 and the conversion from fixed to rotary wing commercial was 25 hours plus of course the written. I went straight into aerial application with a Hughes 300 however I had several years on fixed wing aerial app. before that. Yes I was fortunate to have flown in a more simple era before the authorities realized how
  24. Finally after many years and much effort and money the Dutch Cat has once again flown. We are in the process of test flying and then start crew training. I should be home in about one or two weeks for a break so will post more then with some pictures. Rev.
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