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  1. Good, we need him and CD to stay connected with the troops, they are our connection to what TC should be. Chas
  2. Hi again troops. In keeping with my new image of a reformed member of our hallowed industry I am about to get Kyle to make some changes to my web site. As it is, I think the site is really top notch, however we ( kyle and I ) are going to make it even more interesting. As most of you probably already know I have worked for the French Flying Ledgends org. since 1996 and we have flown all over Africa and South America shooting film for the TV series Ushawia that was so popular several years ago on TV. Anyhow I spent several days with my employer in France on my last trip and
  3. Hi again Swingline : Im pleased that you are knowledegable in the area of law and able to look after yourself. However there are many in aviation with no understanding of how the system really works. Those people just may appreciate someone standing up to wrongdoing within the regulator, so they can maybe thank their God for my efforts should they wish to. I agree that most TC employees work within the bounds of fairness in their job, however most priests in the Catholic church also serve their parishoners with dignity and integrity. There however, are many exceptions to the ru
  4. Hi swingline : I just got back home last night for a ten day holiday at home and then it is back to Holland to finish off the training of their crew. From your last post I don't think you really understand that I am only poking fun at my being dumb and suffering in Aviation. The truth is I have one of the best jobs in Aviation, I get to see dozens of countries and fly some of the most exotic aircraft left in Aviation. My pay is at the top of the Aviation scale and my expense allowance is first class. I am puzzeled at your reference to " other organizations and individuals "
  5. Hi troops: An update on my latest venture in the world of self employment. Arrived Holland on June 16 A/C not ready for flying so drove rental car to DiJon France for two days working on annual of B 25 belonging to another customer, also went over planned around the world trip with his Cat. ( I also had a look at the Cat that I refused to fly in England a couple of months ago, it is parked in Bevauis France with an engine problem....but there is far, far more problems surrounding that Cat than an engine problem....... will get back to that subject later. ) Drove to Como Italy an
  6. amodao : With all due respect to your last comments. The issue that I was addressing was the fact that M&M have an internal poilcy that clearly gives them cover for the occasions where for their own reasons they deny an applicant. I made an error on my last post regarding the internal document I have, the exact wording in the top right hand corner is ... PROTECTED Please shred when finished. It has been used to deny approval, and on more than one occasion and more than one company, that I can prove beyond any reasonable doubt. They have refused to give a reas
  7. Amodao : You must also be aware that M&M can and will cull anyone they wish to from holding the position of PRM. They can and do cull people who do not cow to their Gestapo like methods. The interview is a sham, pure and simple because they can and do deny regardless of the quality and knowledge of the applicant. If you are denied by M&M they will not give you any real reason with verifiable cause for the simple fact that they do not have to. They have an internal policy document that states clearly that you cannot get your interview notes and record, even unde
  8. To get even more confused. If you are the owner of a small air service such as a small charter service or flight school with only one airplane, you are required to appoint a PRM. This person is put in place with the approval of your regional M&M gurus to make sure that your AMO can fix the airplane that the PRM has detemined needs fixing. Here is where I get lost in the shuffle, the PRM can be eighteen years old and have never operated nor fixed anything more complex than given himself a hand job when an as yet not fully understood sexual urge makes things feel like they nee
  9. The bottom one is C-GFFC and belonged to the flying fireman, I flew it for 25 hours the last year I was in the firebombiing business then ferried it from Thunder Bay to Victoria. It was sold at auction last year in Moses Lake. I think I leave for Amsterdam on June 15................ Rev.
  10. Hey Barney. I still have exceptional physical amd mental abilities , I can still gain a stroke when I change hands.
  11. I don't know if they are in Israel yet, because once they launched the last I heard they landed in southern France, It is about three to four days flying depending on how things go. The Israeli's want it for their museum, one of the Air Force Generals was in North Weald and asked me if I would go back to Israel and train them on the machine once they got it airworthy. So I said sure as long as you let me fly one of the Apaches that were going to escort us from Cyprus into Israel, he laughed and said that would be easy. So I hope they call me to teach them how to fly it because I'd se
  12. Yeh, Barney, seems like there is no problem finding "Qualified " pilots when people like me are not up to the challenge of having " The righ stuff " I guess you know there is a rather long discussion going on over on Pprune in the Historical & Nostalgic thread about me not flying that Cat. I finally rexeived an e-mail from the one guy who was doubting my story and he now is satisfied that my side of it was credible. Anyhow no one seems to know who exactly is flying it but at least the owner is getting things done the proper way. This elite crew did a 45 minute test flig
  13. Moose brought two PBY6A's over from France, I went to Montreal to ferry them to Red Deer, the first one lost an engine right after take off and is the same one that I went over to England to ferry to Israel. I checked the log book and sure enough there was the entry...ten minutes.... One thing for sure Moose could sure fly a PBY. I don't really know what I am going to do about retiring, seems that every time I say that is enough someone asks me to go somewhere and fly one for them....... It's like I'm caught in a time warp, I guess I do it because someone has to. I find i
  14. Stupidity seems to feed on it's self in my case. I just e-mailed my agreement to head on over to Holland and test fly their PBY after they have spent a fortune rebuilding it. Then I will train at least one of their pilots to a standard that he can check out the rest of their guys. Also I sent more paper work off to their CAA for approval to train them on my Canadian license. As well I included copies of the documents that the Austrailian CASA gave me to issue type ratings...........I am wondering if they will do a flight check with one of their inspectors or just give me the au
  15. Oooohh... I sprayed those power lines North of Quebec City with 245T ( or maybe it was TCA? ) with a Piper Pawnee 235 in 1961. Yes I can imagine what it would be like in a Bell. There was lots of willing girls in Quebec City in those days. Rev.
  16. Chevy 11 : What kind of aerial application do you use a GPS tool for? Can GPS refresh fast enough to give accurate position and direction doing fast turns? Is it for forestry with long runs? When I did Ag work ( both fixed and rotary ) we used our eyeballs to judge the swath width and direction of the runs. Mind you that was mostly doing farm work and there was always some object that we could use as a fix to start the next run, such things as weeds in a fence line, different fence posts, trees and such things as used condoms on the road or any other item that our e
  17. Bohica : Thanks for the comments. You and everyone else should read my comments on the Northern Lights crash in the AME thread. We lose to many people because for some reason pilots do not seem to realize that there are limits to what they can do, maybe my thoughts will drive the message home. **** if I can learn the rules of safety and take financial and emotional losses rather than bend to intimidation and peer pressure so can every one of you out there. Remember doing the right thing is never something to be ashamed of, not to mention you live longer. PS:
  18. Every pilot and mechanic should read this report, slowly and often. I have seen this same senario over and over. It is always about the money, and time limits to get it done. It is always the pilot who pays the ultimate price when outside influnces lead him / her to attempt the sometimes impossible. I wish I had all the money back that I have spent in air fares that were lost due to not making booked flights because I cancelled ferry flights for mechanical or weather related problems. My last episode in North Weald England was a perfect example of attempting to push th
  19. Everyone must be working for a change so I just thought I would make another post to keep some activity here. As an example of the shysters that seem to be drawn to aviation I thought I would let you all know the latest on my trip to England and what is happening now. As I have explained, he was making demands of me with regard to the flying of the aircraft that were way beyond what I consider safe, and when given an ultimatum to either follow his orders or be replaced with another pilot I of course went back to Canada. The latest is, he claims he will pay the money owing to my
  20. No I wouldn't fly the Apache into 800 Burrard because we own the **** thing. However I still am intent on finishing off what I started with a couple of TC types who deserve to be unemployed. Getting back to the Apache, those Israli's don't f.ck around, they use them real effectively, I wanted to at least get to fly one, oh well maybe something will change and I may still go there to train them. What rank should I ask for as a member of the Isralei airforce? Maybe I could be a flying chaplin giving spititual and sexual gidance? By the way, we still hope to get paid at
  21. Downwash : Yeh, we are very careful to get money upfront, and we did on this one. But with the amount of work to get that airplane ready for flight after having being parked outside in the elements for eight years we had to hire several other people to get the work done and the money problem just kept slipping sideways. That was one of the reasons I went over when I did to try and get the problems sorted out. My best guess is the owner ran out of money and was desperate to get the machine to Israel to collect from the Isrealis regardless of how many corners needed to be cut
  22. Hi Don : The Edwards Brothers and I spent most of thursday talking it over and weighing the options. Our decisions were to go back to the hangar and finish safetying some controlls and also to flush the right engine carb because it was full of water from the taxi test.... we agreed that regardless of money we would not chance leaving those safety related items unfinished so we went back and started work to get that done, ( about a day and a half labour for two people. ) however I had to go to Heathrow to get my return flight or it would just cost more money. I phoned them yesterday
  23. I can't remember when I learned to fly, but people tell me I have been flying all skinds of things ever since they can remember. Next to screwing nothing beats a helicopter, that much I can remember. Actulally I can fly longer than I can screw come to think of it so maybe flying is better. :up: I got past the fifty year mark a couple years ago so I'm told and though what the **** lets see if I can make a hundred years as a pilot...... So I guess I'm hooked . Chas W. ( Reverend. )
  24. Yes Sharkbait, standing up for principals can be very problimatic. However the bottom line is losing money does not come close to losing lives, at least not in my world. It will now be up to Lloyds of London to rethink the risk assesment factors when the principal goes back and request another insurance quote. The stupid part is we had a written agreement that we would deliver his machine based on an estimate of costs and we were bang on the cost at the time he started to put pressure on us to cut corners. The first real problem came up when he called a meeting and informed us
  25. I'm back home and still to jet lagged to explain how it went. Someone posted a lot of pictures of us running the Cat last week on Pprune. So if you want to find out what happened go to the " Aviation History and Nostalgia " thread and click on " Chuck is back in a Cat". There you will find the pictures and at the end I posted what went wrong. Rev. Chas W.
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