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  1. Brian perhaps you need to come up for air. Kevin's schedule may be fine for Kevin, but it is far from "normal". Perhaps check the operator's directory for the number of single ship operators in Canada. Your down the nose look at the industry is not appreciated. How do you propose the numerous single ship people who make a living flying 300 hours a year to make it if they have to do the 2 x 2 schedule? How in ell are they going to regulate the "no days off away from home"? My lanta, I have seen numerous pilots take days off away from home,,,,in Mexico one of our guys brought his fa
  2. To represent helicopter pilots in Canada would be virtually impossible because you couldn't get them to agree on anything for any length of time... You are Right! The helicopter industry in Canada is a Little industry with little people.....who all think They at different !
  3. It is interesting to hear terms like, we, pilots, the industry as though the people using these terms represent Helicopter Pilots. Lets be clear "No One" represents helicopter pilots in Canada! There is HAC...which is a Union of Helicopter Operators, who only care about themselves and their profits, and in no way represent helicopter pilots!!!!
  4. It will be interesting to see what our next prime minister, Justin Trudeau, will do?
  5. Go back to University and become a Charted Accountant....an buy a helicopter!
  6. Ready to Fly Flight Helmet Package Includes: Straight or Coiled Communication Cable Flex or Wire Boom Microphone High (civilian) or Low (military) impedance Passive or Active Noise Reduction Communications (PNR or ANR) Nylon Padded Helmet/Gear bag Description (ready to fly) Price LMT-Pilot Flight Helmet with Passive Noise Reduction (PNR) Communications (LMT-P-PNR) $1608.00 LMT-Pilot Flight Helmet with Active Noise Reduction (ANR) Communications (aircraft powered) (LMT-P-ANR-A) $2047.00 LMT-Pilot Flight Helmet with Active Noise Reduction (ANR) Communications (helmet mounted soft battery pac
  7. FitzWright Survival deals with Hawk Helmets not Nothwall ( unless they are the same??)
  8. Yes, I did read the NTSB report. There are two things going on here. First is the NTSB accident report and the second is an indicment by the Federal Grand Jury on charges of conspiracy. I am not sure what you point is?
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