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  1. Brian perhaps you need to come up for air. Kevin's schedule may be fine for Kevin, but it is far from "normal". Perhaps check the operator's directory for the number of single ship operators in Canada. Your down the nose look at the industry is not appreciated.


    How do you propose the numerous single ship people who make a living flying 300 hours a year to make it if they have to do the 2 x 2 schedule?


    How in ell are they going to regulate the "no days off away from home"? My lanta, I have seen numerous pilots take days off away from home,,,,in Mexico one of our guys brought his family there for his time off at the beach. Get special approval from TC to take your days off away from home. What if you leave your home to go on days off,,,oh my...Rediculous. You said it yourself, if you want to make a change then it should be done "realistically".


    My guess is that you are here now only to stir things up and get the various opinions in the open the similar fashion as the local newspaper getting the locals fighting to read the rag. Start reading and listening to what is written with an open mind, as this is an open forum and you will reap what you sow.



    What a bunch of crap! The only way to crew a single ship is to have even rotations .....Say 2 and 2

  2. You are exactly right. No one represents pilots in Canada; except the pilots themselves.


    Did you submit any comments to CARAC during the comments period? Whether you like it or not, that is currently how the system works.


    My comments, directly to CARAC, were contained in a 14 page document. Several other pilots also submitted comments.


    While I may be in management at a company who is an HAC member, I am also a pilot. I don't believe my comments would have been any different if I wasn't a manager.

    I'm just hoping the proposed rule changes for our sector are a little more common sense and take into account the vast differences in our operations than those of Airlines. This is a common theme with TC ACROSS THE BOARD THESE DAYS..


    Trying to impose airline rules on industries like ours is just silly in my opinion (and is definitely not safer). Let's not forget, the purpose of these changes is to improve safety, not improve your lifestyle. That's not really part of TC's mandate.

    You are the reason these new regulations are being introduced!!!

  3. Ready to Fly Flight Helmet Package Includes:

    • Straight or Coiled Communication Cable
    • Flex or Wire Boom Microphone
    • High (civilian) or Low (military) impedance
    • Passive or Active Noise Reduction Communications (PNR or ANR)
    • Nylon Padded Helmet/Gear bag

    Description (ready to fly)


    LMT-Pilot Flight Helmet with Passive Noise Reduction (PNR) Communications (LMT-P-PNR)


    LMT-Pilot Flight Helmet with Active Noise Reduction (ANR) Communications (aircraft powered) (LMT-P-ANR-A)


    LMT-Pilot Flight Helmet with Active Noise Reduction (ANR) Communications (helmet mounted soft battery pack) (LMT-P-ANR-B)


    LMT-Pilot Flight Helmet with Active Noise Reduction (ANR) Communications (battery belt box auto shut-off) (LMT-P-ANR-BB)


    LMT-Pilot Flight Helmet with Active Noise Reduction (ANR) Communications (integrated helmet mounted rechargeable lithium ion battery)


  4. If you posted this then you obviously didn't read the NTSB report.



    Yes, I did read the NTSB report. There are two things going on here. First is the NTSB accident report and the second is an indicment by the Federal Grand Jury on charges of conspiracy. I am not sure what you point is?

  5. Let me put it another way. A company has an accident, where a customer is killed. The pilot survives, but is found to have alcohol

    in his blood. The insurance company refuses to pay, and the pilot is charged with criminal neglegence causing death. So who do you think is going to be charged as an accessory to criminal neglegence causing death? Hint: the answer can be found by looking at Supreme Court Rulings in Canada!


    I saw it... At no time did I see Denzel even wear cowboy boots let alone go hunting or camping... I don't see the connection?



    As a Safety Officer for a large oil company I don't understand a Company placing an add in the employment area of a magazine looking for a pilot who drinks whisky from a cowboy boot!

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