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  1. all very good replys to a question we all have, with out fear, why would you do anything, we only live once, I have knocked on the door before, but no one answered, i am here, I live, I breathe, I fly, i dont think about what could happen, I just do it, always fun, live your life like it was your last day here, its fun, might as well go as hard as you can as long as you can.................. :punk: fly safe so we all can fly with out learning from someone elses mistake............
  2. did a 30ish year old come knocking??? :shock:
  3. Congratulations Volition !!!! :punk: That exam is not an easy one for sure. Now the fun part begins, haha.
  4. Canook Pilot, as one said already, your only old as you think you are, I say go for it, what have you got to loose, if you have twin time, it will not take long to get into captains seat, if no time in a twin, it will take a minimum 500 hours, depends where you work, quite possiblie more maybe required. CHL needs pilots all the time, they all leave to go work international after one year or more, so if thats where you want to go to, then go to CHL, get some time there and then head overseas. getting a n IFR will only make you even more employable. As some say about captains where ever you go, you will meet one that will try to treat you like dirt, and there are those will give you the respect we all deserve. As we all know as VFR pilots, you can tell someone to "intercourse" off with a smile and get away with it, well it works in the IFR too. Look at it as an investment not a mopney loss, it will only be a money loss if you do not take a job IFR. Good luck and just read everything you learn ten times and you will have no trouble with IFR. Read the RAC section of the AIM, 6.0 to 11.0 all is IFR goodies and there is more in the other sections but usually in bits and peices and read the entire met section over and over, those stupid exams is whats gonna get you and get your self an Instrument procedures manual, lotsa goodies in there, and they are getting big on GPS. :punk: oh and by the sounds of it, don;t go work at heli jet, I have no idea what goes on in there, but seems like a conclusion has been given, hahaha, jokes
  5. you have your engine out light comes on in a 206 and of course along with it, the engine out horn, but your engine is still running just fine, what happened??...................... easy one............ but could be deadly if you react too fast to it.........
  6. the key board is for internet browsing and checking weather, also for firing the rockets :punk:
  7. I've been reading the comments left by everybody and everybody is entitled to their opinion, I for one love this place, I love everything about it, but the main thing that I strongly believe is that if you want to be a "tree hugger" so be it, maybe I am one, but more than likely not, I use tree's for what I need it for, I use a piece of steel for whats it made, I certainly use all the gas and oil I want. Its all about how you respect what you use from this earth we live on. And the one thing I love to do is hunt and fish, and I take what I need not what I see. I would not beable to hunt and fish if there no more forests or clean rivers for fish to strive. I look at a tree and think, how old is it? or a rock, how long has it been there? I can only guess to what age the tree is and would be precise if I lobbed it down. I stop and think, what if the tree could talk? What if the rock could talk? maybe I am crazy, but who cares. I fly helicopters for the love of the game, and right now I am still in love and have been flying helicopters for 13 years and have voiced my opinion to those drillers, to those presidents of large companies, they could care less, I said what I had to say, they respect me more for talking to them rather than being a sheep and just follow along behind them and say yes sir, right away sir. I will show them things I know and they show me things I didn;t know about the environment. In the end, what will tree huggin get, a nice big hug from another tree huger, "we tried tree hugger" Its all about money........................
  8. uummmmmmmmmmmm..........................
  9. I think that everybody has there own time when they will hot refuel and depends what type of machine you have, an astar, no need to hot refuel in my opinion, its takes 30 second cool down, 206B, 2-3 minutes depends on what your company wants for cool down, I think a 206 would be my choice of hot refueling if the closest place to sleep was 300 miles away other than the machine, an astar will start on one ignitor, same for a 212, not sure about any other machines though, as I do not have any time in them. All preference in my opinion and of course safety and of course what you have in your OPS manual, but who will tell if your 300 miles from anywhere resembling a person.
  10. had an egnie failure once in a 212, landed, no problems, pilot flying says to me, I can';t shut the engine down, so i pull the fire handle on the failed engine, there its shut down i say, he looks at me, with a kinda look that you would see in a comedy movie, :punk: "its the other engine thats runnning" :punk:
  11. well, what i did was the same advice as given above for tall order pilots, i am 6'2" and it worked fine, but did not see a whole lot with 150' line, so I let the load swing forward a bit in the window and then gently set it down at the magic spot in the long line window, it worked, but not the greatest. And i did wear my helmet. My advice is, just don't long line, haha
  12. weeellllllllllllllll............... I have arthritis in my hips, and I am 36 years old and I do feel it alot, and sometimes a extremely sharp pain, all I do is excercise though and the pain goes away and stays away until I just sit on my butt for too long, haven't had the pain now for at least 6 months, so, thats the only thing I can say, is excersise. It helps me, an I figure, we got this one life with this body, give it hard and suck it up, cause like some say, if you ain't feeling, your dead.............as for the pain, and all the drugs, I try hard not to take any for pain, its just a reminder that your still alive........
  13. well, I do the same as kjw57, but minus the ginch, I use my flight suit and perhaps a my gloves, sweater, something that will hold it together if it does become compressed from the sides, and have carried in on, with no problems. I think that in Canada anyways, most places have seen the helmet and know its use. Bury the helmet in the middle of the bag and should be just fine, I have had no problems when I did travel like that.
  14. http://www.lebaron.ca/pdf_files_sp07/campi..._prospector.pdf just follow the above link for Woods sleeping bags, the store is Lebarons mail order located in Montreal. I believe Russells outdoor shop in Alberta somewhere, I think its in Edmonton sells them as well.
  15. well from my short tour, I learned, one thing while passing through towns, make you sure you have cash on hand, cause them dail up interact works most of the time except when you are in a rush. And as one said already, fuel, fuel fuel, make sure of your fuel cache before heading out, flight plans kept short, because if you flight plan ten different legs over a 50 square miles over a day flying, if you need SAR in the first hour, they are not going to start looking until the flight plan is up. And carry a small tent with you at all times, good place to hide from the wind when you are sitting waiting. The ground can be hammered to the shape of your body to make a nice comfy place to lay down for a few hours, if your customers don;t need your help. OOhhh and good ole butt tickets, no leafs up there.......haha. I always read the maps where ever I went, and it saved my butt a few times when the weather was crap and the GPS was not working and carry pencils for the maps, to draw your track on, just incase you got to return back. Anyhoooo's I learned most of this aswell from experienced acrtic drivers and just passsing on knowledge. Have fun and certainly will be an experience.........
  16. my three young boys enjoyed it, two are still under the age of ten, but they still know what crazy is
  17. well, accients happen, not good, but they do, when it bites, it bites hard and of course when you least would expect it..............
  18. watching some one proudly washing his windows and taking great pride in doing so, and while he steps away from the AC to put his cleaning supplies away, walk over and put finger prints all over the windshield in front of him:) To those who wear helmets, becareful of this one around many practical jokers, permanant makers rubbed on the ear cups, wear that for hours and imagine the nice black circle left on the sides of your head head. Had a guy place 50 pounds of weight in my packsack at work. Noticed it before I picked it up. So I place a small peice of styrofoam in the inside of his helmet, which had a felt liner in it, he wore it for a day before I asked him, how his helmet fits........he did notice his helmet wasn't sitting quite that well on his head. a guy is excited to go home for his time off and flys the airlines home. Please do not leave your bags unattended at the crew house after they are packed, you may find rocks and a lot of extra magazines in your bag when you arrive home and have to pay that extra $50 for heavy Bags
  19. I use water mixed with a bit of vinager, gets the windows very clean, inside and out, and yes, use cotton clothes, they work great for sure. And once I clean the windows squeeky clean, I put on the 210 and works great, and when it needs cleaning again, I just repeat as I see fit. always polish the windows so there is no residue aswell so, I don;t get that pain in the butt glare as you make an approach towards the sun. My two cents....................
  20. hot and heavy from what I can see, nothing happening before hand =, can hear the power coming in and low rotor coming on. Thats my two cents.
  21. whats wrong with him, he has legitamate concerns, yeah right!!!, rogue pilot, hmmmmmmmmmmm, I think I am gonna have to agree, to much prozac and beer
  22. you pay everything, EI, CPP, WCB, and the EI and CPP are paid by you and the employer, which is double, eg. you pay $100, employer pays $100, so gotta look at all the money you will acutally be saving, if this is what you decide. and llife/ health insurance if you choose to do so. I did it once before, didn't make a huge difference. hope this is the kind of answer your loooking for.
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