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  1. I''ve thought a lot about this, and like many I also questioned the logic of having a 230 hour instructor training student pilots.


    But I came around a bit. The Canadian aviation industry appears to place greater weight on experience rather than training, no? While we might be slowly moving away from that and towards a European style of training and pilot selection, wouldn''t most agree that it doesn''t matter where you did your training, who your instructor was, what a/c you flew...just that you got your license.


    After that, you slug it out somewhere...on the ramp, in the bush, whatever...you get on a groundschool and then into the cockpit...you do the company training,a dn you build up the experience...


    MY POINT: a commercial ticket is what makes you eligeable to work as a pilot in Canada...whether your instructor had 230 hours or 5000, the point was to meet the standards and pass the flight test. We could easily argue about the "Value Added" aspect of flight training and how better, more experienced intructors would make better pilots, but most of the people here have likely been through this process and are now looking back on it.


    If I suggest anything to people interested in becoming comemrcial pilots, it is simply to do your training as quickly and cheaply as possible...get a job on the ramp somewhere, then shut your mouth, and keep your eyes and ears open. Work hard, continue to keep your mouth shut, and good things will happen...sooner or later.


    That''s my take anyways...

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