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  1. Condolences too the family and friends and all the staff at Gemini... Very sad MH
  2. I heard they just landed two big contracts and are buying 3 more mediums!!!!
  3. I had the honor of working with Dave on several occasions throughout my career. Dave was an amazingly skilled,talented professional pilot. My condolences to his family and co-workers.. A very sad day. RIP Dave... Les
  4. RIP :( condolences to the families of all involved MH
  5. My deepest condolences to the pilots family and friends, aswell as everyone at Campbell... RIP MH
  6. Hey, I have shut down in some pretty rough winds and had blade sailing a few times, However never land the machine directly into strong wind (Always land into wind) but what I mean is once your ready to land just give a little left pedal get your nose 10 degrees off wind or so then if and when the blades sail thay wont contact your Tail boom, and move cyclic into wind direction slightly. Having said all that I ll always try to talk the customer out of shutting down in high winds or better yet drop them off and explain to them that you are going to shut down in a spot close buy with less wind,
  7. Hope for a fast recovery for the pilot and glad to hear all is well!!!! MH
  8. My thoughts are with with you all...!!!! Godspeed!!!! MH
  9. Hoping for the very best over there guys and gals MH
  10. Heard about all the Chaos down there!!!! Hoping that all people and houses are safe and sound, Have fun Aviators and be safe :punk: MH
  11. I really used to enjoy reading posts on this site, Good people good storys and lots to learn... Un Fuckin Real... Grow up ******** You the reason this industry is getting to be such a #### show..... Cheers MH
  12. RR, Either your drunk or stoned, or if your even being serious, I d guess the latter. God there are some SH__HEADS on this forum... I dont think there is a single time I fly that I dont find myself thinking of something my instuctor or seasoned Vet friends have taught me... LL training is a no brainer.. So it may cost a bit, Whats your life worth or better yet the guys and gals that are recieving the gear... MH offcorse I ve only been doing it for ten years so I could be way off...
  13. I loved flying the 44s, Maybe Frank should of stopped there. MH
  14. Pretty Bleek out there, Still remaining optimistic :punk:
  15. :punk: Glad to hear all is going to be well. Wishing a fast recovery. MH
  16. I am a hardcore Bell Guy at heart, But have had the chance to work around and watch the lama, Awesome Aircraft in my top three for sure. Long live it!!!!. Awesome video :punk: MH
  17. :punk: Thanks Double R. Ya I have heard about over torque issuses aswell???? So that makes good sence Thanks MH
  18. Awesome HG-12 Thanks thats what we are looking for please keep it coming. We have done a ton of research but cant seem to find that much info from people that have been around them. I know there is a quite a few of them out there however not alot of news on them. Thanks again MH
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