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  1. Well done "blog"350..well done.. :up:
  2. Pretty sure that circuits are 1000 feet AGL for "ALL" aircraft & left hand unless otherwise published in the CFS or cleared by the ATC unit at a given airport at the time
  3. Keep them blogs coming "blog" 350,need more updates there "egg in training"
  4. He`s just vexxed that he wasn`t offered a ride in the eggbeater that`s all
  5. Well,as far as Needles Split is concerned....fill the loader bucket with snow not half fill it,extra passes mean more fuel per hrs worked and don`t be intimidated by the size & power of the Cat,practice with a full blade of snow to learn how to keep it level so the machine won`t porpoise,don`t you remember ANYTHING that I taught you?
  6. Being a fixed wing pilot & having got to fly a helicopter a few occasions I can understand how easily the machine can get away from one if not really on top of it at all times,Fixed wing is definately easier to control even in a slow flight configuration with sloppy control inputs,introduction to helio flying has improved my own fixed wing flying just by comparing the differences of flight handling characteristics of both types of A/C,and this on a B 212 which as I`m told is a relatively stable helicopter in a hover,that I got to try a couple of times.Hat`s off to those instructing on &am
  7. Sounds AWWWFUL good unk! BUT seems that you forgot what real white out is,you need to get back on the 621 or d6 to sharpen your skills in co-ordination and maintaining a level machine.Oh by the way,job well done regarding SAR response.maxtorc mentioned it .The instr.is a good friend of mine,beers on me next time we cross paths.
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